China @ 四 川 | A postman is separated from this kind of heart

  Xinhua News Agency, June 1, June 1: A postman is so moving the world, the Xinhua News Agency, Wu Guang is on June 1st, China Post "Marbang Post" loyal letter makes Wang Shunyou to the dust, buried in the hillside of hometown. superior.

In the past few days, his death has triggered a wide concern, and people have left a message on the Internet and express the feelings of remembering. A postman is separated, why do you touch this? He is not asked, not good words, and even some wooden. He didn’t have a great achievement of the history of the history, and he can’t talk about the words of tongue lotus. Because of ordinary, people can see their shadow in him – a passerby in the sea, a dripping a small water droplet in the sea. And he is not ordinary – a person, a horse, and stick to 32 years. He has lost 5,000 meters in his life. Half time, half of the year is overwhelming, and there are no number of 1000 meters above sea level, and the hottest temperature is up to 40 degrees Celsius.

He encountered the mudslide and has also experienced the danger of sudden break. In order to pick up the postal bag in the river in cautious, he can jump into the river water in desperate.

I was kicked by the horse, but also biting his teeth and sent the email to the folks. … Wang Shunyou uses his short life to explain how people should live – the belief, never give up.

He once said that every time you come, you can make your folks in remote mountains for a long time.

He is not only the postman of "Marbang Post", but also the messengers of the party and the country.

  He has a 20,000-kilometer postal route from his feet, which is a journey of a farmer’s teenage to the civilian hero sublimation. The footprints all the way is a party member who is not counting, willing to be lonely, be brave and dedication, and do everything.不 不, gold stone can be. People miss Wang Shunyou, because he will make ordinary little things to the extreme, 32 years of hard-sweat, and there is a gorgeous Soma flower in the depths of the soul. Everyone has a "Marbang Post", and the process of struggle is destined to not be smooth. Looking back at the History of the 100th Years, the Communists have been hard, ride the wind and waves, lead the people from the country to stand up, and stronger.

Today, we don’t have to throw your head, sprinkle blood, but you can take root in the ordinary position like Wang Shunyou, stick to the initial heart, and work hard. Although "Marbang Post" has become history, Wang Shunyou has left, but the spirit of "Marbang Post" will remain forever. Qingshan testified, more struggle will inherit the spiritual wealth of the mortal hero. (over).

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