Bank of Communications Qinghai Province Branch smells "epidemic" to help win epidemic prevention and control

The first time is scientifically launched a nucleic acid detection.

Branch Emergency Disposal Team in time on the 28th, the third-party testing agency shall conduct accounting inspection on the first floor of the office building. In order to improve the collection efficiency, some of the staff wear protective clothing, wear protective items such as masks, masks, gloves, and obligated to act as a "association person" of medical personnel, lathe for three hours, and the entire employee nuclear inspection rate is 100%. Active "epidemic" go to the social responsibility branch, all units actively respond to branches and government sector epidemic prevention work arrangements, build outstanding control of the epidemic situation, and the strong line of defense. Each business network actively carried out the sales of outlets, all kinds of temperature test code, employee health day reporting system, and timely providing customers with masks, washing overs., and strive to build a safe and secure business environment. The Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Communications, Xining City, East Branch, took part of branch linkage, online audit, etc. The Bank of Communications Xining City West Dark, actively assisted that the disease-controlled staff set up a temporary test point at the entrance of the outlet, providing a lounge, toilet, and sending hot water, lunch, heating equipment, and the epidemic prevention staff, and the epidemic prevention staff completed nucleic acid detection. Task.

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