Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government held a high-quality development mobilization meeting for promoting urban center

  Original title: Cai Qi’s high-quality development mobilization will, in the promotion meeting of Beijing City, high-quality development mobilization will, emphasize the establishment of innovation and leading to create "two demonstration zones" continuously creating a city deputy center high-quality development new situation Chen Jining hosted Wei Xiaodong Zhang Yancun attended yesterday afternoon, Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government held Promoting the mobilization meeting of high quality development in Beijing urban center.

Cai Qi, secretary of the municipal party committee, planned construction of urban center, is a major decision-making deployment made by Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. To deepen General Secretary Xi Jinping to Beijing’s important speech and build a series of important instructions for the construction of urban center, continue to deepen the understanding of urban center, further improve the station, enhance the sense of responsibility, and insist on innovation lead, " Wuzi "linkage, create" two demonstration zones ", build a green city, forest city, tough city, sponge city, smart city, humanities city, livable city, strive to create" urban center quality ", and continue to create high city Quality development new situation. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, mayor Chen Jining, Municipal Party Secretary Wei Xiaodong, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, and the deputy director of the Beijing-Tianjin Joint Association Development Leading Group Office attended.

  Cai Qi’s representative of the Municipal Party Committee of the Municipal Party Committee to participate in the central ministries and ministries of the development of the city’s deputy center of the city, express condolences in the Beijing-Beijing unit and the city and Tongzhou District of Tongzhou District and respect. He pointed out that more than five years, the city has deepened the central deployment requirements, burying her head, struggling, urban center bearing capacity, attractiveness and influence continued to increase, and laid a solid foundation for future development. In the new stage of development, we must understand the city center from a bigger perspective, and implement the new development of the New Development Strategy, Service and Integration into the New Development Strategy, Service and Integration of the New Development of the Capital Development. The connotation and extension of high quality development in the center.

Be deeply recognized that the important positioning of the urban center is to undertake Beijing’s non-Capital functional discovery, improve the service security capacity of the capital function, and realize the deputy auxiliary, the main deputy resolution; we must deeply recognize the construction of the city It is not quickly formed a new city, simply a new city movement, but to create a different harmonious and livable city, giving a form rate in the development of high quality construction in urban high quality; we must deeply recognize that the city’s deputy center has both new city The construction task, there is also the requirements of the old city double repair, and the people’s livelihood is the responsibility of it. It must give the people to bring the real feeling; we must deeply recognize that the range of urban center is 155 square kilometers, plus expansion The area is 906 square kilometers, with the city to bring the country, promote urban and rural integration development is an important task; we must deeply recognize that the city center is the bridgehead of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, which will drive the integrated development of Hebei Province. The important strategic fulcrum of development; we must deeply recognize that the deputy center of the construction of the city is more than just about Tongzhou District, but the historical responsibility of the city, the city’s grade should be a major event, various resources, elements, prefer to give the city Departure in the center. The various work of the urban center must implement the fundamental requirements of high quality development, walk in the forefront of the city, and strive to become a new highland of the capital. Cai Qi emphasized that we must always adhere to the core status of innovation, focus on the development of the dominant function, promote the high-quality development of urban center in the "five son" linkage.

It is necessary to focus on new generation information technology, intelligent manufacturing, etc., implement a group of national major scientific and technological projects and application demonstration projects. The initiative to carry out the supply and demand docking of scientific and technological achievements in the "Sancheng One Area", and promote more scientific and technological achievements to translate in the urban center.

Close to the international advanced rules, promote high-level trade, convenient investment, etc. Empress digital industrialization and industry digital trends, focus on artificial intelligence, cloud computing, block chain, big data, etc. Construction.

Adhere to a node in one year, keep the investment intensity of more than 100 billion months, fully kick off the sub-city framework. Implement a rural revitalization strategy, high-level construction of beautiful villages.

Grab the world theme park and the Grand Canal culture with two major resources, create a cultural tourism business integration development demonstration zone, and vigorously develop a new model of consumption.

  Cai Qi emphasizes that it is necessary to firmly grasp the green development of this city’s deputy center, accelerate the construction of national green development demonstration zones.

Created in national forest cities, national ecological garden cities as a starting point, continuously improve the city green space pattern of "one heart, one ring, two zones, two districts", continuous improvement of air quality, expand green ecological space. Implementing carbon-backed carbon and special actions, constructing a green low-carbon integrated energy system, vigorously promoting green buildings, build a green low-carbon transport system, advocating green low-carbon lifestyle, and promoting the "double carbon" work in the city’s deputy center. . Focus on cultivating green development new movement, first try first in the green financial system construction, standard development, policy service, etc., encourage green technological innovation, support enterprise green transformation, and build nearly zero carbon emission demonstration area. Cai Qi emphasized that it is necessary to grasp the "Niu Nose" of the Non-Capital Function, and focus on building high quality development demonstration zones and the North Third County

Undertake the functional discovery of the central urban area, and promote the landing of quality resources in accordance with the development of the city center.

It is realized with the integrated development work coordination mechanism of the North Third County, continuously promoting regional transportation integration, strengthening regional environmental pollution linkage, controlling the project promotion and negotiation, and coordinating resource sharing of pension, medical, education and other resources. The urban center must play a leading and important support in the construction of the modern capital city circle, and the realization is achieved with point belt circles and coordinates.

  Cai Qi demanded that the city firmly established "a plate of chess" ideas, each responsible, synergistic, and condensed the powerful synerg of high quality development of urban center.

The city deputy center construction leading group strengthened the overall situation, the city deputy center party work committee management committee fulfilled, and the municipal departments greeted the mission floor. Further expand the municipal empowerment scope to the sub-center of the city, clearly clear the list of new rounds.

Party members and cadres of the city’s secondary center should continue to improve political capacity, learning ability, implementation capacity and service capabilities, and adapt to high quality development requirements of urban center.

  Cong Liang speaking, the high-quality development of Beijing urban center is important for the orderly discovery of Beijing’s non-Capital function, improve the comprehensive strength of urban center, and in depth, the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cooperation is of great significance. Beijing City Deputy Center should give full play to the proposal, continuously inspire the reform and innovation, and take the green and low-carbon development path, and work hard with high quality development in the surrounding area, and continue to achieve new and greater construction results.

  The Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, the executive deputy mayor Cui Yan strongly promoted the implementation plan of high quality development in Beijing City. The leaders of the municipal party committee and municipal government attended that the members of the city’s deputy center construction leading group, the relevant departments of the city, the secretary of the district committees, the district committee, and the district leader, etc. participated in the main venue. The conference opened to the video form to the city deputy center party work committee management committee’s negotiable management unit, Tongzhou District related units and street township departmental cadres. (Reporter Liu Feifei Wu Di).

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