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Before the start of the start, the Shiyan City Development and Reform Commission, the Communist Youth League Shiyan Municipal Party Committee, Zhangwan District Government, Jingneng Power (Shiyan) Company, etc., surrounded by consumer poverty alleviation, a license ceremony.

Under the active planning and promotion of Beijing, the Municipal Party Committee and Zhangwan District Government signed Shiyan Youth Consumer Poverty Alleviation Practice Base Construction Agreement, and explored the existing physical space and sales platform of the Double Creative Center in Shiyan City Consumer Poverty Alleviation Industry. Relying, in the amateur period, the city’s volunteers are organized to organize the practice activities of consumer poverty alleviation, fully launching the social forces of young people to care for the support of poverty alleviation, and explore the normalization of local poverty alleviation agricultural and sideline products, low cost live broadcast sales.

Next weekend, youth normalized poverty alleviation will appear in Shiyan.

At the establishment ceremony of the construction of the first district of Shiyan County, the Shiyan City Development and Reform Commission is a branch center for the Shuangjian Center, the Shuangwan City, the first district of Shiyan City, the first district and county consumption poverty alleviation center. After the establishment of the center, it will specify the consumer poverty alleviation industry in Zhangwan District.

The Double Creation Center of Shiyan City Consumer Poverty Alleviation Industry As a planning, poverty alleviation enterprises that Beijing went to Shiyan, the poverty reduction company, built a trial operation in June 2019, has built a consumer poverty alleviation display center and incubation and cultivation center.

As of May this year, there have been more than 60 poverty alleviation products of 10,000 poverty alleviation companies in the local area, and the central line platform has introduced more than 10 million yuan to Beijing consumer poverty alleviation, and directly or indirectly drive Zhangwan District. Nearly 10,000 poor people in the county of Shiyan District.

At the end of April, the center was selected for the Shiyan City employee love consumption platform, and sold more than 20 million yuan in local poverty alleviation products, which strongly supported the completion of the local small and medium-sized poverty alleviation enterprises. Beijing state-owned enterprises actively purchase Shiyan poverty alleviation products.

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