China Agricultural Development Bank Xingtai Branch fully guaranteed new core system successfully

  Since the new core system is on the line deployment, the China Agricultural Development Bank Xingtai Branch (hereinafter referred to as farmed Xingtai Branch) has taken measures, and goes all out to win the new core system to attack the battle.

  First, learning education is in place. The agricultural issue Xingtai Branch established a new core system to go online leading group, and convened a party committee, a special meeting, and a specific research deployment system online preparation, carefully organized a learning program, and interpreted his duties in detail, and went deep into the first line. In order to ensure the unity of online ideas, the step is consistent, the branch organizes the new core system to over-line management training class, once again explained the focus of relevant work; "a hand" in the jurisdiction, "military order", ensuring that the new core system is on the line "Qi stepped ".

  Second, investigate research in place.

The relevant person in charge of the branch divided the county and city branch to conduct on-site supervision, carry out special investigation, real-time information, lock the key node, solve key problems, and promote the establishment of various work to speed up the land; business backward Counseling, meticulous inquiries, detailed inspection, carefully verify the data cleaning, by finding key issues, tap the root cause of the problem, and clear the online barrier. The third is that the question is in place.

Under the strong effort, the power is concentrated, and the key matters such as accounts, subjects, vouchers, and important items are carried out multiple verified, organize all the rows to completely remove problem data, and ensure that they do not leave the dead corner; set up a city branch to help the preparatory team, do Good preparation, ensure emergency response, effective should be, direct help; start from reverse thinking, research may have problems, list key lists, formulate a detailed plan, involving 16 emergencies, more than 20 emergency measures, practical Guaranteed the success of the new system. (Liang Nan Nan Zhao Jinliang).

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