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· Hunan Huasheng Daily Online News December 14 (Reporter Zhou Ti) to strengthen epidemic prevention and control, complete physical examination …… until March 28 next year to do a good job in our province in 2022 college entrance examination (hereinafter referred to as the college entrance examination) work according to the Ministry of Education, the national health committee, the province and the relevant documents relating to the current epidemic prevention and control regulations in our province, Hunan Provincial Education examination Yuan has issued a notice to make arrangements for the deployment of related work.

Ensure the safety of fairness and strengthen epidemic prevention and control circular pointed out that the college entrance examination work of the municipal (state) entrance examination agencies, together with the local disease control departments to organize and manage, all counties (cities, districts) entrance examination agencies, together with the local health department is responsible for disease control Organization and implementation. Entrance examination institutions at all levels should attach great importance to the initiative to coordinate the local disease control department, jointly organize this year’s college entrance examination work.

To work around the college entrance examination in ensuring security on the basis of equity, focus on strengthening epidemic prevention and control measures to ensure that the candidates, staff safety and health.

All localities should according to local epidemic prevention and control requirements, the establishment of medical work leading group dedicated to the development of medical work program and related contingency plans in the epidemic situation, a clear entrance examination institutions, medical hospitals, schools and departments specific duties and all aspects of work discipline, work work and other requirements and procedures; report to take the initiative to communicate with the local joint prevention and control mechanism or disease control department, under the guidance of the health department of disease control, scientific and reasonable arrangement and placement examination venues, increase the epidemic prevention and control and material support and strengthen physical examination when you want to be picked specifically for candidates under the epidemic situation and the relative concentration of the characteristics of the staff to guide candidates enter the examination venue before measuring body temperature, wear masks throughout the examination process (authentication and examination of individual projects; ventilation and disinfection of workplace health and safety management masks), and ordered to carry out a medical examination, to avoid excessive crowds gather, to reduce the risk as much as possible; to pay special attention to non-local candidates, non-health testing work in school candidates, ahead of joint prevention and control mechanism in accordance with local disease control or health department requirements epidemic prevention and control to do the work.

To ensure the selection of standing around quality university personnel, maintenance of fair justice and social harmony and stability perspective to fully understand the importance of doing physical work.

To select a good political thinking, responsible, upright style, familiar with the business and no immediate family members attended this year’s college entrance examination work as the primary physician should check with a physician, deputy director of the above titles, strong sense of responsibility as a doctor; To organize all staff to seriously study the relevant admissions policies, medical standards and epidemic prevention and control knowledge, ensure that all staff are familiar with operating procedures and work requirements; should work together with the local disease control departments agreed qualified medical units (the principle of two-level (including ) above the corresponding hospital or medical units) implementation of examination candidates. Site Requirements rational layout, good ventilation, good lighting, quiet environment and meet the requirements of epidemic prevention and control; to strengthen the discipline to participate in the examination the doctor and staff, and discipline to prevent fraud. To previous years, there is favoritism behavior during a physical examination or medical ethics questionable personnel to implement a veto. Of falsifications in medical work, according to the "National Education Examination irregularities approach" "admissions colleges and universities deal with violations Interim Measures" and the relevant administrative regulations dealt with severely. The circular emphasizes that medical institutions should strictly implement the standards and procedures to eliminate all irregularities. For major hospital or appropriate medical unit responsible for the authenticity of the candidate physical examination findings.

Non-designated medical institutions are invalid for medical examinations for candidates. If the legal responsibility of the implementation of work is not strong, the responsibility of the regular universities will be held accountable, the main examination hospital or the corresponding medical unit should be responsible for comprehensive examination results, conduct a comprehensive review, and ensure that the medical examination and summary of the projects For the problem of difficult problems, experts should be organized; each check doctor should carefully and accurately collect physical examination information, avoid errors, and responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the project inspect; in the physical examination, experts must organize patrols and Life check, find problems in timely correction, timely handling; to implement special personnel cooperate with the medical unit to strictly test the identity of the candidates to prevent inspection. Municipal (state) enrollment examination agencies should formulate the way to inform candidates.

After the medical examination work, the staff should check if all items in the physical examination have the corresponding conclusions, confirm that there is no misproval, missing items, the physical examination list is confirmed by the candidates and sign confirmation. Candidates have no legitimate reasons to refuse signing or do not sign confirm within the specified time. It is considered to give up the right, and the legacy issues are borne by candidates.

All candidates must be inspected, and the accurate implementation of the reference standard is clear. According to the relevant provisions of the state and the province, all registrations participate in the 2022 college enrollment exam (including the entrance examination students, single candidates, strong base programs, guaranteed, high-level art " Group, high-level sports team, recommended free trial, all kinds of single tricks, provincial publicity targeted to enrollment admissions teacher, secondary vocational skill competition winning free trial, retired military, migrant workers, laid-off unemployment All candidates with five types of social staff such as personnel, new professional farmers, and enterprises in the post must participate in physical examination, and must participate in all project inspections requested by the requirements, and fill in the past history. It is necessary to especially strengthen publicity of special types of candidates such as various single tricks, art, to avoid leaks and wrong inspection. Do not participate in the medical examination or medical examination items are incomplete, affecting the follow-up admission of candidates, and the candidates bear the consequences. Each middle school (registration point) should conscientiously organize candidates to participate in physical examination, to arrange the physical examination time, the event, improve the efficiency of medical examination work, and give more care and help for disabled candidates who participate in medical examination.

It is necessary to guide candidates to fill in (coating) past history (including whether it has been cured, corresponding indicators, etc.) and disability conditions, if there is no previous medical history or disability, the candidates must be filled with "Nothing"; Responsible, after admission to the school, it was found that the intentional concealed situation, and universities have the right to process according to the enrollment. In addition, 2022 high school examination standards According to the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, China’s Disabled Persons’ Association "Ordinary Higher Education Accommodation Quality Inspection Work Guidance Opinions", the General Office of the Ministry of Education, the General Office of the Ministry of Health Inspection and cancellation of hepatitis B project testing issues "and" College Student Division "of the Ministry of Education on the specific judgment standards for clear chronic hepatitis patients and abnormal liver function" and other documents must be strictly referred to and accurately. After the medical examination was completed on March 28 next year, the non-acceptance of data modification was clear after April 15th. This year, the province’s college entrance examination considerations were completed before March 28 next year, and the specific time was arranged by the city (state) admissions examination institution. Candidates who have objection to physical examination results may propose a re-inspection application.

The re-examination work is organized by the city (state) admissions examination institutions, and the re-examination work must be completed before April 8. Candidates who still have objection to the results of the retrieval can present an arbitration application, and the candidates shall put forward the arbitration applications for the results of the retrieval results before April 15th, and the provincial education examination institute is responsible for coordinating the hospital. The medical examination conclusion of the objection makes final rulings.

On April 15th, the city (state) enrollment examination institutions should summarize the medical examination information of all candidates of the county (city, district). After reporting the "college entrance examination information management system", the medical examination data is reported, it is no longer subject to the city (state) ) Submit an application for the modification of the medical examination data.

In two ways of medical examination information collection: electronic collection and import mode is entry into the acquisition method.

Electronic collection introduction method is directly passed through electronic equipment in the medical examination process. The medical examination data must be backed up every day. The medical examination completed the completion of the county (city, district) admissions examination institutions to format the medical requirements in accordance with the system requirements Unified import system, and pay the data disc of the daily backed up of our college college admissions office; the paper entry collection method shall be confirmed by the county (city, district) enrollment examination institutions to confirm the physical examination of the physician examination hospital or corresponding medical unit In summary, the arrangement personnel entered the medical examination information of the candidate through the system. Municipal (state) enrollment examination institutions can determine what kind of way they are in the county (city, district). In the county (city, district) enrollment examination institutions that use paper entry collection methods to strengthen information entry and nuclear work, establish a special person to enter, special personnel check mechanism, and ensure that the medical examination information is accurate.

The medical examination of the military college, the direct service inspection, the public security institutional energy test is notified by the relevant functional management unit.

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