Charming Red Temple Beautiful Immigration Area

Classic story Haina Baichuan, has a big. As the largest ecological immigrants in the country, it is a wide vast immigrants in Hongsibao District, Wuzhong City, which has accepted the 3,230,000 immigrants in the Wudang District and Ba County of Ningnan.

Open an inclusive, let the Red Temple District gathered the essence of the northwestern culture and building a colorful immigration culture.

Here, you can hear the melodious West Sea mud wow, you can also watch the unrestrained northern Shaanxi Yangge, festive Ningnan fire and the symposiliar crockery, everything is so original.

A tour of the red temple area, can make you across the millennium, gods in the gods, and fully appreciate the beauty of the grassland civilization and the collision of farming civilization. New day, new day, new day.

In more than 20 years of immigration development, the Red Temple District created the miracle of deserted oasis, and currently created "National Easy to relocate immigrants to improve the demonstration zone" and develop into the fast lane. This ancient land, glow vigorously.

Here, you can enjoy the National Aerospace Model Championship, you can and "ride", you can come down a mountain bike race in Luoshan, you can also drink a snowflake lamb, drink a grape wine, let the original ecological specialty specialty of the Red Tonburg area , 犒犒 胃胃. The Red Tonburg District is once a nomadic gallop, has always had a hospitality of hospitality.

Entering the new era, she once again opened a wide arm, sent a warm invitation to the distance: Come to the Red Temple area, marry your poem and distant.

"Reading" Immigration Cultural Red Temple District, built by water, due to water.

Although it is less than 50 kilometers from the line of the Yellow River, how is it high at sea? It can’t attract the Yellow River water to irrigate, so that the Red Temple of the central arid belt is a desert. At the end of the last century, Hongji Fort Water Engineering has started construction, 499 meters in the four levels, flows from high levels, and the development of water is nearly 800,000 mu, accumulating 230,000 immigrants in the five provinces and Ningnan Province, and built the country. Easy Ecological Immigration Relocation Concentrated Resettlement Area.

have gratitude. The Hongski people built Ningxia Immigration Museum in the city, with a total construction area of ??nearly 10,000 square meters, showing the world’s intention of the immigration history and immigration culture in Ningxia, which focuses on the entrepreneurial spirit of helping the poor and riva.

Here, you can also see the real four-level Yangshui model, an eye on "New Times Red Flag Canal", while wealthy graphic, video and physical, so that the passion burning years is flying in front of it.

If you still don’t have time, you can visit the history and reality here, "Read" Red Tonburg.

In the immigrant site protected from the foot of Luoshan, one side of the male kiln reserved intact, the kiln is not a knee, the kiln is still a broken cone, and the wall is confused with a row of flood newspapers. See the date. A long time.

Turn a circle to find that the hospital wall, sheep and other buildings are complete, but only faded dust, people go to the house for a long time.

In fact, the Aboriginal people have not moved, and recent immigrant new villages from a few kilometers. Hongde Village, Hongsibao Town is a "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" Ecological Immigration Village.

In the small courtyard of the villager Liu Ke, driving a wooden teahouse, business operations have been booming, and the tea will end. They all said that the teahouse is spacious and clean, and the eight treasures is sweet and delicious. It is a good place to drink tea chat. Local specialties such as 枸杞, beef, yellow-floral vegetables are also displayed on the shelves of the teahouse. Recently, Liu Kerui has also completed the transformation of water rush toilets and prepared for the next operation of the farmhouse project. Before the immigration relocation, it is like a freshman, and the change is great. All of this is from the Red Hosbao District that attracted the source of life.

If you want to chase the source, you can go back to the Hongji District Immigration Development Road, go to the Huanghe Pump Station, Red One Pump Station, Red Three Pump Station, "1236" Project Command, and witness the Huang River water along the way. How to introduce how to introduce The farmland of the farmland of Baili. All the way, from history to reality, witnessing an immigration area.

The development of the northwestern red temple area on the tip of the tongue is only more than 20 years. The cultivation time is very short, the land is very clean, plus the sunshine, the temperature difference is large, far from the industry, is a "national food safety base". The farm products produced here are the essence of nature, green and pollution, don’t have a taste. As the "China Wine First Town", the Huangsibao area was pouring 10,000 mu of vineyards under the Yellow River Water, next to Tens of winery, Luoshan Winery, etc., the products won the world in Brussels The Wine Competition is a big gold medal, the award has the reputation of the "Oscar", and the industry recognition is extremely high. A bottle of hundreds of milliliter bottled wine, sealed the magnificent and Roshan of the Yellow River.

Open a cup of age, taste is not only a beautiful wine, but there is more ambiguity here.

Enter the summer, the Big River Township Bairuiyuan is "shaped green": red is fruit, green is branches.

Standing around the hill view, 2800 acres of roots have a green.

Walking into the fruit, red agate is very good looking at the green leaves.

Pick a fresh chewf food, sweet and juicy, full of whole mouth. Dry fruit is a good job of brewing, cooking, has a health efficacy of peace of mind, kidney, kidney, and promoting blood circulation.

In addition, a series of concentrated deep processing products such as mask, concentrated juice, also enriched the product form of 枸杞. In this hot season, the field of the sun mountain town is golden, that is a ripe color of the flower. As the "China’s Selenium-enriched Huanghua Star Production Area", the yellow-flower colorful color, meat is thick, protein, calcium, magnesium, selenium content is higher than other production areas, eat delicious and nutritious, is mixed, soup Optimal dishes. Purple wine, red scorpion fruit, golden yellow-flower, so like a gorgeous food, how can you not be coveted? The Red Tonburg area is also the only place of "marble lamb": lack-cut face, lean fat, like a marble pattern.

A few seconds in the hot pot, eat and tender, and then leave the fragrance after swallowing.

Production of this high-quality meat product, for the national labor model, Kaifang took a decade of work, and now she cooperates with the central enterprises to build millions of beaches sheep smart ecological park projects, driving local beaches sheep farmers, families Farming, farmers cooperatives combined with farming, serving more "marble lamb lamb" on the table. Excellent ingredients, food is more like cloud.

As the immigration development zone, the Red Temple area brings together the large northwest of the featured food: Huang Mi’s stick, hot oil, leeks box … via a pair of cardiac women, cooking color fragrance is full.

Enjoy a gourmet food in the Red Hostel area of ??Haina, you taste the big northwest of the tip of the tongue. Sports Motto is the resort of the National Aerospace Model Competition, and six games have been held.

Luo Mountain Cui Wei, the red temple flight model in the west, the terrain is broad, the terrain is gentle, the vision, the abruptness, the low air flow is stable, becoming a beautiful stage of various spacecrafts such as drone, Triangle, hot air balloon. . Look! Maximum hot air balloons slowly moved in the air, smashed in the day and beautiful airspace, more likebusted, in the east side of the east side, more and more people.

Turning and far, a single-placed immigrant village and traffic network have a good look, it is another firefight. Aerial parade looks, open your heart to the ultimate, and the feelings of the people will feel alive. On August 1 this year, the Hongshuibao District will once again organize Air Culture Tourism Festival, the National Youth Aerospace Model Championships, at that time, the top players in the country are gathered, and a flight feast is held on the Tsi on the West side of Roshan.

Foreign models players to the Red Temple area, the most likely to stay in the local farmhouse, the open courtyard is convenient for disassembly of assembled aircraft, don’t have a style of farm life to attract them.

In Yongxin Village, Liuquan Township, a total of 61 villagers run a leisure travel home.

Into Li Xuelan’s small courtyard, the face is a pavilion, the pavilion is put under the wooden table, and it is a small chair that is transformed into a tire. It is chic.

The owner left the best house to the tourists, the facilities such as neat, sofa, TV, etc. There is a good place outside the small courtyard.

In the first summer, Yongxin Village’s rose garden flowers group, you can enjoy a flower sea, if you are interested, you can make rose tea personally. There are also 10,000 acres of vineyards outside the village. It is far away, the Green Sea is in the heart, and it is refreshing. In the evening, and relatives and friends came to the small courtyard to get down, catering the cold breeze, eating a farmhouse, drinking "Red Indifference" wine, telling each other, I wishing to worry about the trouble.

In the Red Temple District, there are many leisure tourism in this area. Xichuan Village, Xinzhuang Jixiang is a village from the entire village of Longde County. There is a village history museum in the village. It is displayed in the old items such as stone mill and soil, reminding people to do not forget.

On the dinner table, you can eat authentic Longde warm pot: under a piece of meat, embellished with ribs, potato chips, etc. Experience.

… How can the area of ??the tourism in Hongsibao District? What’s more, in the eyes of a thousand tourists, there is a thousand red temple area. So, in this wonderful season, I will meet your red temple area.

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