Sichuan Province released the manual cost monitoring information of manufacturing for the first time

People’s Daily Online, Chengdu, June 1st (Yuan Lingling) According to the website of the Sichuan Provincial Human Resources and Social Affairs Department, recently, Sichuan Province publicly released the manual cost monitoring information to the society for the first time, which will be released quarterly in the future. Manufacturing labor cost monitoring is the quarterly report of the salary survey of enterprise, and it is a pilot on improving the frequency of corporate salary survey. Since 2017, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has launched a pilot of manufacturing labor cost monitoring in 63 cities in 15 provincial administrative regions across the country. Among them Households. On the basis of the pilot for 5 years, Sichuan Province has accumulated some experience. In order to make full use of the existing monitoring data resources and provide the government with decision -making reference, from this year, the Sichuan Provincial Human Resources and Social Affairs Department has completed the ministerial level monitoring task, and Carry out manual cost monitoring of the provincial -level manufacturing industry in 21 cities (states) in the province, conduct monitoring of 629 manufacturing enterprises in the quarter, and publish monitoring information to the society.

It is understood that in addition to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, only Guangdong and Fujian have carried out this work.

Monitoring mainly selects agricultural and sideline food processing, textile industry, textile clothing and clothing industry, leather fur feathers and its products and shoe manufacturing, chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing, metal products, and metal products , General Equipment Manufacturing, Automotive Manufacturing, Railway Ship Aerospace and other transportation equipment manufacturing, computer communication and other electronic equipment manufacturing industries have been implemented.

The monitoring enterprise samples are selected by the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security according to typical surveys, and the proportion of small and small enterprises reaches 84%.

Monitoring content mainly covers sales (business) revenue, total profit, fixed asset depreciation, main business tax and additional costs, total cost, the average number of employees, the total amount of labor cost, the total salary remuneration of employees, and the total number of working hours of the enterprise. Cost level and related economic indicators. Once the monitoring cities and enterprises have been selected, they are used as fixed monitoring points, which remains stable within a certain period of time to enhance the comparability of monitoring data.

By carrying out corporate labor cost monitoring, it can track the changes in the labor cost of enterprises in time. When the output of the industry’s labor cost structure and the decline in the output of labor cost input can be quickly reflected, and the government formulates economic and social development policies for the government to formulate economic and social development policies Provide reference, to guide enterprises to reasonably determine the wage level of employees, give play to the decisive role of the market in the distribution of wages, effectively serve and guide enterprises to reasonably determine labor compensation, and provide important information support for the reasonable allocation and production and operation of the enterprise. (Responsible editor: Yuan Ling and Gao Hongxia) Share let more people see it.

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