Guard the people’s peace and happiness with loyalty

Heroes come out, righteousness! Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, especially since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the national public security team keeps in mind the general requirements of "loyalty to the party, serving the people, law enforcement justice, and strict discipline", and have won one after another, overcome difficulties after another, and overcome difficulties after another difficulty. With sweat, blood, and even life defending the national political security, maintaining the stability of the social situation, and protecting the peace and happiness of the people.

During this period, a large number of hero models and collective collectives emerged. At critical moments, they came forward and charge in front of them. They were not afraid of fatigue and fighting continuously in front of the arduous task. They were obscure and selflessly in daily work.

They are not only the example of the national public security system, but also the heroic model advocated by the whole society. Faced with the task of urgent and dangerous and dangerous and dangerous and dangerous tasks, they charge in the Luanhe River Basin in the source of Sanjiang. It is the victory in the eyes of tourists. It can be guarded by the police at the Police Station Police Station of the Golmu Public Security Department of the Qinghai -Tibet Railway Public Security Bureau here, but it is Challenge and test. Faced with the difficult working conditions of high -cold and hypoxia and harsh climate, 21 policemen from the Pukanghe Station Police Station took root in the plateau, have no fear of severe cold, and have the responsibility to keep the soil. They strictly implement the line security patrol mechanism, strict security card control measures, and normalize armed patrols and settled guards. The cumulative patrol line has more than 300,000 kilometers, discovered and cleared more than 2,000 hidden dangers, and measured "Tianlu" with life, flesh and blood, used flesh and blood The body built a steel line to ensure the safety and smoothness of the Qinghai -Tibet Railway since the opening of the Qinghai -Tibet Railway, and ensure the continuous safety and stability of line security. "Doctor! Don’t give me an amputation! I still have to take a gun!" In 2015, in a struggle for surrounding violent terrorism, Zhang Chenyang, who is currently the special warning team of the Special Police Corps of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Public Security Department, was injured in his left hand, his left hand was injured, Emergency to the hospital for surgery. However, due to serious injuries, his left hand was eventually rated as a disability in level 6.

Since the police, Zhang Chenyang has always fought on the front line of counter -terrorism and riot, and has not retreated after injury. He continued to go to the battlefields of duty, arrest, and epidemic prevention. Whenever there is a task of urgency and danger, he can still see his charge. As the endor of the anti -drug front, Yang Liyong, the captain of the Baiyun District Branch of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau of Guangdong Province, regarded the anti -drug work as his own career.

Faced with the threat of life countless times, he was not afraid. He was both a commander and a combatant. With a cavity and unique experience, he flexibly used a variety of investigative measures to coordinate the detection of multiple major cases. Cracking various types of major drug -related cases, and effectively cracking down on the arrogance of criminals. There were more than 3,300 criminal cases on the spot, using criminal technology to directly solve more than 600 cases, relying on criminal technology to provide evidence to support more than 1,500 cases … Fan Youhong, captain of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Luonan County Public Security Bureau of Shaanxi Province, 33 Over the years, he has worked on the front line of criminal investigation and fought in criminal technical positions. He can always find the clues left by the suspect at the criminal scene and interpret the potential information of the scene, which provides strong technical support for the successful report of the case.

The small affairs of the people, the people’s general events standing and moving forward. This is a vivid interpretation of the loyal escort of the Lianqian Police Station of the Siming Branch of the Xiamen Public Security Bureau in Fujian Province.

In the 25 years since its establishment, the Qianqian Police Station continued to love the people as the good tradition of the people, and carried out the "love and the Moon" event every year.

In the community, they took root in the masses and moved the "second desk" to the door of the masses, becoming the most warm "neighbor police officer" around the masses; at the fingertips, their innovative concepts, relying on services, and creating "e government affairs" to create "E government" New model of self -service service, realize 64 public security business, 193 government affairs and people’s livelihood services, and online handling; in the window, they are dedicated and excellent, and provide "delay peaks" services to the people in the jurisdiction for 17 consecutive years … In the recent investigation of the Zhangjiagang Public Security Bureau, it took only 21 hours from the public security organs to the suspect’s criminal compulsory measures to the suspects to the examination and prosecution and court judgment.

High -efficiency and quick handling of cases benefited from the "fast police" mechanism.

In recent years, the legal team of Zhangjiagang Municipal Public Security Bureau relying on the management service center of law enforcement case handling to launch a mechanism for criminal cases "centralized, professional, and fast office", implement the "one -stop" department of public prosecutors to handle criminal tailoring mechanisms, and provide document mailing documents and mailing documents. More than 10 collaborative case handling services such as price identification, banking services, and medical examinations. The process of handling the case handling from the original 12 streamlined to 3, the time of handling the case was reduced by more than 2/3. Children go to school, migration of household registration, resolving contradictions, mediation disputes … As the first -level sheriff of the Beicang Police Station of the Beichen Branch of the Tianjin Public Security Bureau, Wen Jianfu does not know how much practical things to help the community.

Since serving as the community police, Wen Jianfu has started from the basic skills of "people familiar, well -known, and cooked". Three days have been pierced into the masses’ homes, pulling their families and inspecting the people.

Over the years, he visited the poor and asked for his suffering, relieved difficulties, and knocked on the houses of the masses in the area with sincerity, and opened the hearts of the masses. "Good Police Officer", the masses call Li Huarui, a head of the Tanggang Police Station of the Qianshan Branch of the Anshan Public Security Bureau of Liaoning Province. From the lonely old man who accompanies the illness, to handling the minimal protection for the people in the difficulties; from asking for salary for migrant workers, to finding a job for the unscrupulous residents; from the lead to donate and donated materials for the people in the district In the 15 years of the community, Li Huarui has been a good person and person in the masses, and is loved by the masses.

In Shuizhai Village, Hai Town, Kaili City, Guizhou Province, when it comes to Yao Shuichang, everyone will cordially call "Secretary Yao".

Before staying in the village, Yao Shuichang, the captain of the traffic police brigade of the Kaili Public Security Bureau, is the businessman in the eyes of his colleagues. After serving as the first secretary of the village in 2017, Yao Shuichang launched the masses to develop characteristic industries according to local conditions to help the poor to achieve poverty alleviation. Faced with the affectionate retention of the villagers, Yao Shuichang applied for continuing to stay in the village last year, and set foot on a new journey of rural rejuvenation with the villagers. "There are not too many big things that are shocking, just in the trivial matter of serving the masses, write the responsibility and responsibility of the people’s police with actual action!" This is the spiritual portrayal of Lu Jianjiang in the "model of the times", and it is also Lu Jianjiang, the Qiaoshuang Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. Comprehensive record of daily work at the Police Service Station. Today, nine police officers and 12 auxiliary police officers have taken over the relay stick of "serving the masses will never go offline" and made the police station a good neighbor and good helper to serve the masses online and offline. Every visible or invisible place, there are always them guarding Ping An as the core and key stations of the Southwest Gate of the capital. In the 7 years since its establishment, the Beijing -Hong Kong -Macao High -speed Doudian Public Security Inspection Station of the Fangshan Branch of the Beijing Public Security Bureau is based on public security and transportation. , Patrol, anti -drug and other functions, resolutely carry out the glorious mission of investigation and control of vehicles, personnel, and items in Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao high -speed speeds in Beijing.

"There are suspicion of pseudo -false!" Earlier this year, Baiyun Entry and Exit Border Inspection Station of Guangzhou Entry and Exit Border Inspection Station, Guangzhou Province, was on duty. The eyes and movements of a passenger attracted her attention. When checking the passenger’s passport, Yu Tong keenly found that there was something wrong with the certificate. After careful inspection, he finally determined that the passport had an illegal situation of the transformation data page.

"Let youth glory in the dedication of the motherland and the people." Yu Tong was a post -90s, and in the past 6 years, she said so and did this. Tool Wushengguan, North Gate of Hubei.

The terrain of the Wushengguan section of the 107 National Highway 107 is complicated, and the slopes are steep. Traffic accidents are prone to occur. Under Wushengguan, a police force was stationed, and they created a good result of no major traffic accidents, no traffic accidents, no traffic jams, and no highway "three chaos". The person in charge of this police team is Huang Yuanbo, the captain of the Wu Shengguan Squadron of the Guangshui City Public Security Bureau of Hubei Province. In 22 spring, summer, autumn and winter, Huang Yuanbo led the police to eliminate more than 2,000 hidden dangers of various types of traffic accidents. In the severe weather in rain and snow, he risked in danger command to guide and guide heavy vehicles of 300,000 units. "It is my greatest wish to let the passengers of China and Mongolia go home safely.

"Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Bayannaoer City Public Security Bureau’s Traffic Management Detachment Gan Qidu Captain Captain Siri Nogun’s simple discourse is full of power.

Gan Qidu Port is currently the largest road port opening to the outside world in China. The natural environment is poor and the sand and dust are many.

For 10 years, Srihon’s enthusiastic and thoughtful service, standardized civilized law enforcement, actively do a good job of service management of drivers of China and Mongolia, ensuring the safety and stability of the port. From the city’s first anti -fraud team, to the captain of the city’s first anti -fraud professional team, to the leading team to form the city’s first anti -fragmentation special class, 18 years from the police, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau Pudong Branch Criminal Investigation Division The captain of the nine teams, Yang Wenqing, always fought at the forefront of cracking down on telecommunications network fraud. He repeatedly achieved anti -fraud to crack down on "zero breakthroughs". "Pass now", "Give us", "Don’t have me with me", this is the people’s police have no regrets day after day; "Thank you police", "Fortunately," and "take care of it". This is the simple and true affection of the people. Confession.

Practice has proved that the people of our country are a strong combat team that can be trusted by the party and the people.

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