Huashan theory ? The implementation of the implementation of the caution and the end of the rigorous prevention and control

After 5 days of April 22-26, there were no new reports of local diagnostic cases for 5 consecutive days. At 00-12 on April 27th, 1 case of newly reported local diagnosis cases in Shaanxi Province.

The prevention and control of the epidemic is complex, arduous, and repetitive. We must resolutely put an end to the mentality and elasticity of the fluke, adhere to the general policy of the general strategy of the epidemic prevention and control, and establish and improve the normalized and long -term prevention and control mechanism. The established prevention and control measures are implemented, and various prevention and control work is strictly done at the beginning, protecting the safety and health of the people’s lives, and spending a safe "May Day" holiday. Do a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic. As long as we attach great importance to their ideas and implement them in strict action, continue to enhance the "density" of the prevention and control network, and improve the "accuracy" of prevention and control, we must continue to consolidate the hard and control results of the prevention and control of the prevention and control. The long -lasting war annihilation.

The prevention and control of the normalization epidemic should be implemented to improve long -term prevention and control measures.

After more than two years of resistance, we have explored and summarized long -term epidemic prevention and control measures such as adhering to the "four early" requirements and implementing the responsibility of the Quartet. For these measures, we must cherish it. We must persist in thinking, work, and responsibility, and take the bottom line of thinking and responsibility. Essence

"Ending" is not only the need for the normalization of the whole society, but also a specific requirement for everyone. At present, we should have perseverance and confidence.

We must believe that persistence is victory. Faced with the dual tasks of normalization of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, everyone must think about it and go all the way to solve the problems encountered during resistance.

Relevant departments have made good use of policies to fully support enterprises to accelerate the pace of production and operation; do a good job of services to relieve their worries for small and medium -sized enterprises; create conditions, attract project investment, and try to drive consumption to rise. And economic and social development. (Niu Naixi).

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