Gangcheng 26 Yishui Points to complete the rectification before the flood

Yesterday, after the rectification of Dongsan Road and Dong Sanli Road in Wuchang District, no water was no longer accumulated. Jimu Journalists learned from Wuhan Water Affairs Bureau yesterday that 26 Yizhi water points in Wuhan have been renovated before the flood, and the water staining problem in related areas will be greatly improved.

The newly built wide box culvert is convenient for the accumulated water to quickly discharge the lake in front of the building material steel market in front of the Hongshan District plant. The south gate is located on the Friendship Avenue. Once the heavy rain was rained in the previous year, although Yang Chunhu was close at hand, due to the collapse of the drainage pipes and the small pipe diameter, the pipeline was small. For the reason, the accumulated water cannot be smoothly discharged into the lake. According to the relevant person in charge of Water and Lakes in Hongshan District, this rectification project entered the construction in mid -March and completed on April 20. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw at the scene that there were new asphalt traces on the sidewalk on the roadside, and a number of new rainwater mouths were built to facilitate quickly collecting rainwater. Tian Chong, the person in charge of the construction party, introduced that in addition to the addition of rainwater, the construction content also includes upgrading a small drainage pipe with a diameter of 60 cm to 1 meter. On the south side of the Friendship Avenue, a 34 -meter -long drainage tank culvert is also built. The box culverts have rice width and rice height, and wide and flat, which is convenient for the rainwater to quickly discharge into Yangchun Lake. "After the rectification was completed, two heavy rain inspections were completed, and the drainage system was unblocked, and no road water was found.

"Drainage pipe liquid level measuring real -time monitoring of the intersection of Dongsan Road and Dong Sanli Road, Wuchang District, it is also an easy -to -deposit water point.

The relevant person in charge of Water and Lakes in Wuchang District introduced that there are many reasons for the accumulation of water here. On the one hand, the intersection is at the lowest -lying area, which looks like the bottom of the pot, and the rainwater on the surrounding roads flows here.

On the other hand, the old rainwater pipeline located in the Chagang Courtyard, due to the long -term construction and low standards, the drainage capacity is seriously insufficient. The relevant person in charge of the Drainage Department told reporters that during the heavy rainfall, the ground rainwater was flowing at this intersection, and the underground pipe network was also very full. Under the double pressure, the intersection was generated. "Every time it rains, we will send fewer four or five people in this point, and most of them send more than ten people to the scene.

"Jiang Heng, a staff member of the Water and Lake Bureau of Water and Lakes in Wuchang District, introduced that in this rectification, a large -capacity drainage pipe of nearly 800 meters long, diameter meter was built in the rectification. In this place, there are new, old, rough and detailed, and a total of four drainage channels. The pressure of water at the intersection of Dongsan Road and Dong Sanzhi’s intersection is greatly resolved.

Yesterday afternoon, the wind and rain masterpiece, but the journalists saw at the scene that there was no stagnant water at the intersection, and the pedestrians shuttled in the road (pictured).

At the same time, the Water Affairs Department of Wuchang District also installed a liquid level in the rainwater well, intelligently detecting the water level in the drainage pipeline in intelligence.

The staff can check the data at any time in the background. Once the water level in the pipeline is close to the height of the pavement, and there is a continuous trend of rainfall, it will immediately take countermeasures to avoid water staining.

The city has rectified 26 rectifications of the two water stains in Hongshan District and Wuchang District, which is a microcosm of the city’s large -scale rectification of water staining points. After the flood season in 2021, the Wuhan Water Affairs Bureau organized various districts to sort out the investigation and lock the water -based water points intending to rectify, including Donghu Road Huangyu Road and the provincial blogging peripherals, Hongshan Road East One Road, and friendship market for friendship.

Under the guidance of the Wuhan Water Affairs Department, the water affairs departments of various districts have formulated a stagnant water point rectification work plan, one by one clarifying the rectification engineering measures, and required to be completed before the flood in 2022. As of now, the rectification work of 26 stagnant water points has been fully completed, and the stagnant water problems will be greatly eased. According to reports, Wuhan will enter the main flood season from May 1st. A few days ago, the Wuhan Water Affairs Bureau will hold a special conference deployment to deploy, and the flood prevention and flood preparation have entered the actual stage. According to the relevant person in charge of the Wuhan Water Affairs Bureau, the main project of the three reservoirs that need to be reinforced by risk reinforcement before the flood has been basically completed.

Ensure that 10 key flood control projects such as the Panlong City Pumping Station in Huanghua District, the Hanyin Pump Station of the Economic Development Zone, and the Lijiadun Dental Dental Relief in the Economic Development Zone are all completed and put into use. In addition, Wuhan has updated the flood prevention and drainage expert database of Wuhan; the city’s two -level fast rescue teams have been formed in the urban area of ??2010, equipped with 381 (sets) of each type of equipment, about 390,000 cubic meters of flood prevention stones, nearly 30,000 life jackets Pieces and other.

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