Fujian province legislation is the minimum fee of "express brother"

A Fuzhou citizen took courier in front of a smart letter box.

People’s Network Lin Xiaoli has the lowest point for "express brothers" for the "courier brother" in recent years. In recent years, the scale of the courier group in Fujian Province has continued to expand. As of 2021, the province’s postal courier practitioners have reached 99,024. Important part of the employment group. At the same time, the courier group is facing many problems such as low social security level, lack of labor intensity and wage income, and often suffering from malicious complaints.

In response to the problem of low distribution fees for "express brothers" and not matching wage income from the intensity of labor, the regulations provide the bottom guarantee for the minimum income of the "express brother" single piece. Innovative regulations are made in the regulations, and the Municipal Express Industry Association of the district shall organize local express delivery enterprises, in accordance with the average salary level of local employees, and the average number of delivery quantities, labor intensity and other factors in the normal labor time of the express delivery personnel, to the end fees to the end fee For specific accounting, determine the minimum fee standard, and establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism; and the postal management department is required to supervise it with relevant departments.

At the same time, for a large number of flexible employment, courier personnel lack the problem of work injury protection, regulations stipulate that enterprises can handle work injury insurance separately for employees with flexibility and liquidity. mechanism.

In response to many "courier brothers" being punished by the company’s malicious complaints, the regulations have clearly required postal enterprises and express delivery companies to establish a reasonable assessment reward and punishment system, and to improve their complaints to clarify the exemption mechanism for employees. For the "violent sorting" of express delivery, in recent years, brutal sorting express expressions in the express delivery industry often become the focus of public opinion. To this end, the regulations stipulate that when expressing operations, courier companies should standardize operations, and shall not handle the expressway by throwing, stomping or other methods of hazarding the safety of express expressions.

Express enterprises who deal with the safety of the safety of the expressway by throwing, stepping on, or other hazardous expressways shall be ordered to make corrections shall be punished by the postal management department and fined 5,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan.

In response to the issue of courier information privacy and security, the regulations stipulate that postal enterprises, express delivery enterprises, smart mail box management units and their employees shall use user information in accordance with the law in the delivery service, and shall not record the type of user valid ID on the delivery details form, Numbers are not allowed to be sold, leaked or illegally provided user information in the process of delivery services.

At the same time, the behavior of the user information that is sold, leaked or illegally provided by postal enterprises and courier companies, or illegally provides user information in the process of delivery services, shall be ordered to make corrections, confiscate illegal income, and be fined by 10,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan. Feming a fine of less than 50,000 yuan and less than 100,000 yuan, and may be ordered to suspend business until its courier business license is revoked; if the postal enterprise and express delivery enterprises are criminal, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with the law.

The nation ’s first stipulate that the establishment of a smart letter box in the new community on the one hand, with the rapid development of e -commerce, the increase in express packaging volume has surged; on the other hand, the traditional letter box cannot meet the needs, and the usage rate is getting lower and lower. The traditional letter box is the general trend.

To this end, the regulations make a series of regulations from the three aspects of the intelligent letter box. It is reported that this is the first provincial local regulation that stipulates the establishment of a new community to build a new community.

The regulations stipulate that new residential construction projects shall include intelligent letter box projects that integrate emails and express delivery receiving functions into the unified planning, design, construction, and acceptance of construction projects, and put them into use with construction projects at the same time.

The regulations point out that if the general postal service is used to use a smart letter box, it shall not charge fees.

The income generated by operating the intelligent letter box is shared by the owner after deducting reasonable costs, used for the maintenance and maintenance of smart mailboxes, and announced regularly to accept the supervision of the owner.

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