CSIS: Midea must reshape the global strategy from the perspective of energy re -balance

Reference News Network reported on May 20 (Reporter Wang Xiaotong) The US Strategy and International Research Center (CSIS) recently published entitled "American Strategy: Europe, Russia, and Asia Global Energy Balance and the Security of the United States in the Middle East and Gulf areas According to the policy, the United States needs to re -develop its global strategy in response to the imbalance of energy brought about by emergencies and unpredictable crises.

The report said that the success of the United States in deterrent and defense is largely to create long -term global diplomatic and political support and truly lasting strategic partnership.

The Ukrainian crisis suddenly upgraded to a major regional conflict, beyond a strategy.

This warns the United States: the United States must formulate a true global strategy, prepare for an unpredictable crisis, and pay as much attention to the political and economic interests of the peaceful period as much as possible, as well as military relations with strategic partners and other countries in the world.

The report believes that if the United States wants to reshape its national strategy, it must focus on the strategic value of oil and gas resources and exports in the Middle East and the Arab/Persian Gulf.

In this regard, the report gives four main reasons: · Petroleum and natural gas are not only essential for the stability of the global economy, but also a key factor in determining the vulnerability of national military. Global supply. Therefore, before the United States and other countries in the world can find fossil fuel substitutes, the world must be sufficient. · In order to reduce the negative impact of Ukraine’s conflict, the United States needs to provide European and other strategic partners with short -term and medium -term energy sources that can replace Russian oil and natural gas in the middle. · Ensure the energy supply of the United States in Asian allies and impose strategic impact on China.

· Political turmoil in the Middle East has made the region unable to achieve economic diversification, and the United States needs to protect and support the development of strategic partners in the region. All works that indicate "Source: Reference Think Tank" shall not reprint, extract or use it in other ways without authorization of this website.

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