Decoding common prosperity "Mr. China Revenue Distribution" refutes the four fallacy

  Promoting common prosperity cannot be separated from the market economy: there is a voice that promoting common prosperity will lead to "private enterprises’ exit" and "weakening the market economy". Do you think it will cause these consequences? How to eliminate these market concerns? Li Shi: Promoting common prosperity is inseparable from the market economy, nor can they be separated from private enterprises. They are not going back to the old road of the planned economy.

It is believed that the private economy must be exited, and this understanding must be completely wrong. In fact, market economy and private enterprises must play a greater role in advancing common prosperity. The reason why Zhejiang was selected as a common prosperity demonstration zone was because of the high degree of development and sharing in Zhejiang, the gap between income, urban and rural gaps, and small regional gaps. Why can Zhejiang do it? Zhejiang’s market economy is relatively developed in the country, and has a large number of private SMEs, which brings more employment, increases residents’ income and narrowing gaps.

  To achieve common prosperity, we must first make "cakes", and private enterprises are an important promoter to promote economic development. Therefore, we are not for private enterprises. On the contrary, we must continue to improve the market economy system, create a better environment to promote the development of private SMEs, and allow them to play a greater role in promoting development, stabilizing employment, and income income.

  The socialist market economy pursues the unity of efficiency and fairness, and the two cannot be abolished.

In the past, we emphasized efficiency and growth. In the future, we focus on development in development, and take care of fairness and efficiency. Regarding the voice of concerns in the market, the government must respond in a timely manner. By promoting measures such as encouraging policies and creating a better business environment, we must create a good atmosphere that is conducive to the development of the private economy, so that the public and public opinion for the private economy is in promoting common prosperity in the promotion of common prosperity of the private economy. There are more knowledge of positive effects.

  Common wealth is not "robbing wealth and helping the poor": realizing common wealth must "lower", "expand", and "increase", so some people think that common prosperity is "robbing the rich and helping the poor". Such arguments are not accurate.

Why is it that common prosperity is not "robbing the rich and helping the poor"? Li Shi: For "lower low" and "expansion", all walks of life compare with each other, but different people have different understanding of "raising". Some people think that "raising" must adopt the method of "robbing the rich and the poor" and "fighting the land" to reduce or deprive the income of high -income people, which is completely a misunderstanding. Common wealth is not "robbing the rich and helping the poor". The so -called "raising" is to ban illegal income on the one hand, and strictly restrict and prohibit this part of income. In addition, the reasonable adjustment of high income is that although some high income is legal, it is an abnormal and high income caused by market distortions, especially to curb income from monopoly and unfair competition.

In addition, some high income is adjusted through the taxation system of individual taxes. The higher the income, the higher the tax rate, which is completely different from the "robbing rich and the poor" adjustment method. It is a adjustment within a reasonable range.

  High -income people are a very small part of the whole society. The focus of promoting common prosperity is to put them on the "low" to allow low -income people to continuously improve their development capabilities, have more development opportunities, share more development results, and get more to get more. Greater Linghui, income, and income can increase faster to narrow the gap with other members of other society.

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