China Red Headline: The Russian Army announced major news! The United States was frightened and panicked, Ukraine exposed amazing secrets … ———

"Russia found the iron certificate of graduate weapons in U.S. -funded in Ukraine in Ukraine!" At a press conference on March 6, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the above news and said that it was seized from the Russian army. The documents were found in the document, and under the analysis of the Russian biochemical experts, these biological laboratory -funded biological laboratories contained at least plague, anthracnose and cholene viruses.

The results of more detailed reports will be announced soon! At present, Russia and Ukraine are in a state of war. It is funded by the United States in the Ukraine Laboratory. If the above facilities are not properly handled, its negative effects may be more serious than the explosion of nuclear power plants.

In terms of the plague alone, it also has a name that makes European people frightened called "Black Death". The new crown is really a little witch in front of this bacteria.

At present, the U.S. military has more than 400 military biological laboratories worldwide. These laboratories lack necessary transparency. No one knows what research is inside.

However, it can be found from sporadic news reports that there will be some accidents occur near these laboratories nearby. For example, everyone usually mentioned the most Detrickburg biological experimental base. Mysterious "electronic nicotin pneumonia (leukemia)". Including China and Russia, even Western allies in the United States have long called on the world to investigate these biological laboratories in the United States, but for various reasons, this action has not been realized. It can be said that the United States can investigate the Wuhan Laboratory repeatedly by the United States, but it will never let WHO investigate the domestic laboratory. If everyone is too tight, it will either refuse to pay the fare or simply withdraw from the WHO.

However, the situation is not the same, because the Russian army directly surrounds the Biosarius funded by the United States in Ukraine. Whoever said that these laboratories are now, the answer is undoubted. It is also because of the prediction of this situation at the moment that as early as February 26, the US Embassy had planned the information on the website in a planned biological laboratory. More than 20 soldiers near the Halkov Biological Lab, they obviously did not agree. On February 5, 2003, ColinlutherPowell, then US Secretary of State, was resentful to have large -scale lethal weapons in the UN Security Council.

At that time, he shook the test tube in his hand, saying that it was equipped with anthrax, and said that the Saddam government was an evil, anti -human regime, and such a regime should be eliminated. The "unexpected harvest" of the Russian army in the Ukraine Biochemical Lab is far more important than expected, and perhaps it has become a key turning point in revealing the "core secrets" in the United States for many years.

Russia dares to publish research reports. Naturally, it has obtained sufficient evidence. In the future, whether it is pressure on the United States in the international community, or stimulating other countries that still remain in the United States biological laboratory, it will undoubtedly reveal the last shame of the United States.

There is no time to leave the United States. Waiting for Russia to officially announce the final full version of the research report.

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