Handan District, Handan City: ingenuity "Jade" and protecting and growing up

  Parent representatives and prosecutors have discussed social hot issues such as family education, campus bullying, and network protection. Everyone agrees that the accompanying, listening, communication, respect, encouragement, and praise are the most effective family education way to win children and protect children.Prosecutors suggested that parents guide their children to strengthen their children’s concepts and legal awareness in family life, protect themselves in accordance with the law, and promote their good habits to develop the law, know the law, understand the law, and abide by the law.It is understood that in recent years, the Procuratorate of Handan City, Handan City, relying on the jade culture brand to innovate and have a colorful rule of law propaganda and sending the law into the campus, enhance the affinity and appeal of the rule of law education, and create a strong culture of rule of law in the rule of law.The atmosphere, deeply cultivated the seeds of the rule of law in the hearts of minors, and guarded the flowers of the motherland to thrive.

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