Electric scammers only deceive "half money"? Not "good heart"!

A loan company in Chengdu did not put a loan, but there were dozens of employees -this is an electrical fraud wearing a "loan company" coat! Mr. Zhang, a native of Jiangdu, is one of the targets they cheated. On May 31, the police in Jiangdu District of Yangzhou City notified the "online loan" electrical fraud case that had just cracked. Because of a funds, at the beginning of last year, Mr. Zhang registered the demand information on a online loan app. Soon, the salesman of an online loan company contacted Mr. Zhang, telling him that he wanted to be reviewed by the loan, and the company’s technicians checked the quota of Alipay Huayan or JD.com.

Mr. Zhang’s Alipay Huayao quota was 7,400 yuan. After seeing the quota, the technicians told Mr. Zhang that if he wanted to increase the loan pass rate, he needed to cash out the Huayan first. However, individual users cannot cash with Huayan, and can only be operated by online loan companies. The other party told Mr. Zhang that after Hua Tao was cash, the company would transfer money to Mr. Zhang.

Subsequently, Mr. Zhang sent the Alipay account, password, and login verification password in accordance with the requirements of the technical staff. "There is a problem with your account. Although the quota is 7,400 yuan, the amount we cashed out was only half, 3700 yuan." When the other party transferred the 3700 yuan to Mr. Zhang, he informed the "reason."

Mr. Zhang checked his flowers and found that the quota was displayed as "0". He had a doubt in his heart: 7,400 yuan, and he cashed 3700 yuan. Where did the other half go? "I encountered telecommunications fraud and was deceived 3700 yuan.

"Mr. Zhang came to the Yiling Police Station of the Jiangdu Branch of the Yangzhou Public Security Bureau to report the case.

After understanding the ins and going, the police felt a little strange. Generally speaking, how many scams were cheated, and did not hear that there were half of the case back. Could the electrical scammers "have a good heart"? After further investigation, the police seized that Mr. Zhang was deceived 3,700 yuan and entered the bank account of Sichuan people Li. The police then rushed to Chengdu, Sichuan, and further investigated that Li was a staff member of a local loan company, and the company owner was a 23 -year -old man Chen.

It is surprising that the loan company has never released a loan, but there are dozens of salespersons and technicians.

The police judged that the so -called loan company was an empty shell company, which was essentially an electric fraud gang.

"We buy information on the online loan app, and know who has a loan demand, and actively contact them." After Chen Mou arrested, he explained that Mr. Zhang’s online loan app is actually a collection of information. The information of the loan staff will be sold to various online loan companies.

Chen’s company purchased information, contact customers, and designed scams, and then cheated half of the victim’s flowers or white bars.

Chen said that the reason why half of the scams will be returned is not their kindness, but that most people will dispel doubts after receiving half of the withdrawal, and they think that there is a problem with their account or reputation, not encountered, not encountering it. Scams, so do not go to the police, "This is a psychological war." It is understood that the online loan app involved in the case has been shut down.

By investigating the account of Chen’s company, the police have learned that the criminal gang has used the "cash withdrawal amount and increasing the loan pass rate" as a bait since August 2020. The victims were cheated at 4000-5000 yuan.

As Chen said, most victims felt that they had an account and reputation after receiving half of the quota cash withdrawal, and the amount of losses was not large, so there was no alarm.

Correspondent Wang Chengyi Fa Xuan Yangzi Evening News/Zi Niu Journalist Chen Yong.

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