Chongqing’s first theatrical version of the immersive interactive game drama "Ultimate scam 2.0" in the first round of 30 performances was successfully ended

  On May 29th, Chongqing’s first drama "Ultimate Crack", the first theatrical version of the drama produced by the drama production, officially ended.

  30 games, 300 destiny choices, 2910 audiences launched a high -energy competition on the stage of "Ultimate scam"; a "mysterious organization" demolished a theater to create a good show of "deception and Taoism". The elaborate polishing and wonderful interpretation of the actors has achieved 4,500 minutes of brainstorms and audiovisual feasts.

  Since the play successfully premiered at the Yunwei Theater at the Cathay Pacific Art Center on April 12, 2022, a total of 30 performances were performed. For a time, "Ultimate Scam" was widely praised. The audience expressed a high enthusiasm. Once set off a warm discussion. Many viewers said that this kind of performance that communicates directly with professional actors is still the first experience. The sense of ritual and participation is full, which makes people can’t help but have two brushes, three brushes, and even watching nearly 10 games for nearly 10 games. Loyal audience.

  "The Ultimate Scam" tells the unprecedented theft of the Mahamist Harry Museum. The famous painter Van Gogh’s paintings did not know.

At the same time, a small explosion occurred in the museum’s power distribution room. After investigation by the police, the explosion did not cause damage to the collections in the museum, but the human body wreckage was found in the explosion site. The truth of the matter is just needing the audience to personally devote the final answers to the middle -style game and reasoning of this interest and money through the form of interpretation, interaction, and game.

  This episode is immersed, interactive, and game mechanisms. It boldly adopts the upside -down montage method in the plot presentation. While the plot interaction and interpretation interaction, adding high -proportion and high -density game interaction. To some extent, the audience is the real starring of the show, and it is "improvisation performance" without the script.

  After the performance on May 29, the first round of "Ultimate Scam" came to an end, and the relevant person in charge of the drama stated that the audience suggestions will be collected in the first round of performances, and the performance of the performance will be modified and polished. Presented the audience a different ultimate scam and more wonderful immersive performances.

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