People’s Bank of China: Improve the efficiency of inclusive financial resources to improve the quality and efficiency of inclusive financial products

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, March 9th (Reporter Luo Zhizhi) According to the official website of the People’s Bank of China, in recent years, the People’s Bank of China has continuously improved the supply of inclusive financial services, focusing on improving the efficiency of inclusive financial resources, improving the quality of inclusive financial production products The effect basically formed an inclusive financial service and security system that is compatible with the comprehensive building of a well -off society, and also tells the world the Chinese story of inclusive finance. In terms of common prosperity, the People’s Bank of China jointly promoted the development of inclusive finance in poor areas, actively increased financial supply in rural areas, and continued to make large rural "cakes" to help drive more poor people to share industrial development income. In terms of inclusive financial reform, in the past few years, the People’s Bank of China has built 6 provinces and 7 provinces and 7 provinces and 7 provinces and 7 places. Reform and innovation model with regional characteristics. Each test area combines local reality to find a targeted positioning to build a diversified inclusive financial organization system, use financial technology to develop digital inclusive finance, innovative inclusive financial products and service supply, improve payment and credit reporting, and other financial infrastructure. Improve government financing guarantee and fiscal and tax policy support systems, strengthen risk prevention, etc., to achieve positive results.

In terms of financial services, the People’s Bank of China finds the focus of work, improves financial infrastructure, focuses on serving special groups, and has made financial services more secure and conveniently to thousands of households and people through various channels such as online and offline. "Last mile".

As of the end of 2020, the coverage rate of townships and towns nationwide in the country reached%, and the coverage rate of the village -level administrative district was paid by%. Basically, there were institutions in townships, villages and villages, and accounts. In response to the elderly group, the People’s Bank of China guides financial institutions to optimize and improve financial services for the elderly, so that traditional services and intelligent services are grasped, and the "digital gap" problems encountered by the elderly will be fully attached to the elderly. Sexuality and convenience; continuously innovate and enrich financial products and services in the financial management, insurance and other aspects of the elderly, and strongly support the development of the "silver -haired economy", and provide financial solutions for the elderly to enjoy a happy life. In addition, the People’s Bank of China also instructed financial institutions to strengthen financial services to the disabled, providing exclusive barrier -free version solutions for people with visually impaired people online, and equipped with perfection facilities offline, and continuously enhanced the financial gain of the disabled.

In terms of the protection of the rights and interests of financial consumers, the People’s Bank of China has continued to deepen the protection mechanism of the rights and interests of financial consumer, and released the "Implementation Measures for the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Financial Consumers of the People’s Bank of China", adheres to and promotes the "Maple Bridge Experience" in the new era , Coordination of interests, rights protection channels, build a solution mechanism for diversified financial consumption disputes, and protect the people created by the people through hard work and richness to maintain the long -term and fundamental interests of financial consumers. Organize the popularization of financial knowledge such as "Financial Consumer Rights Day", "Popularizing Financial Knowledge Keeping Qianbags", and continue to improve consumer financial literacy.

Promoting the core concept of financial finance into the national curriculum standards, and forming a long -term mechanism for financial literacy education in primary and secondary schools. Implement the survey system of consumer financial prime -proliferation questionnaires, promote the construction of financial education bases in an orderly manner, strengthen normalized financial education and risk reminders, and build a healthy and sustainable financial culture ecology.

The Consumer Finance Questionnaire Survey of the People’s Bank of China showed that in recent years, my country’s consumer financial care has steadily improved. In 2021, the financial literacy index was, which was improved compared to 2019 and 2017.

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