The latest progress of many people in Xianyang!

Xianyang Yuquan West Road Xihuatai Passion Bridge is located on the south gate of Xihua Thailand, Yuquan West Road, across Yuquan Road.

The crossing of the bridge is: 26m, the bridge is 29m in length, the minimum width of the main bridge is, the main bridge is full wide, the ladder road is net wide rice, the main bridge has 4 pier, the ladder road has a total of 20 ladder pier, the motor vehicle under the bridge is under the bridge.The net space is greater than rice.The main structure of the upper part of the bridge adopts an aluminum alloy truss structure, and the pier is basically a reinforced concrete irrigation pile.

It can be seen at the construction site of the Westwashing of West China Road in Yuquan West Road that the overall lighting effect of the overpass has been displayed, and the overpass is about to be completed.There are new news in the two people’s crossing bridges!In August last year, a concentrated construction ceremony was held!Recently, it can be seen at the construction site of the unified square crossing bridge and the Cross Bridge of the Stadium: The completion date of the unified square crowd bridge is September 30, and the completion date of the Xianyang Stadium Cross Field Bridge is October 30.

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