The person in charge of the relevant department of the Securities and Futures Commission answered a reporter to ask questions

  The person in charge of the relevant departments of the Securities and Futures Commission replied to the reporter on the 11th.

  Question: Recently, the US Securities Regulatory Commission (SEC) released the news that five companies in the United States were identified as "related issuers" in the U.S. listed company in accordance with the "Foreign Companies’ Accountability Law". What are the comments of this CSRC: We noticed this. This is a normal step for the U.S. regulatory authorities to implement the "Accountability Law of Foreign Companies" and related implementation rules. We have previously expressed their attitude towards the implementation of the Law on the Accountability of Foreign Companies.

We respect the supervision of relevant accounting firms in order to improve the quality information of overseas regulators to improve the quality of financial information in listed companies, but we resolutely oppose the wrong practices of some forces to politically politically regulate securities.

We always adhere to the spirit of open cooperation and are willing to solve the problems of inspection and investigation of related offices through supervision and cooperation, which also meets the practice of international traffic.

  In recent times, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of Finance have continued to communicate with the US Public Corporation’s Accounting Supervision Committee (PCAOB) and have made positive progress. We believe that through joint efforts, the two parties will be able to make cooperation arrangements that meet the laws and regulations of the two countries as soon as possible, and jointly protect the legitimate rights and interests of global investors and promote the healthy and stable development of the markets of the two countries.

(Reporter Liu Hui).

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