Production of clean power over 26.5 billion kilowatt -hours

  Baihetan Hydropower Station.Xie Lei (People’s Vision) Our newspaper Beijing May 30 (Reporter Wang Hao) At 10:15 on the 30th, Unit 5 of the Baihetan Hydropower Station successfully passed the 72 -hour trial operation and officially put into power generation.This is the eighth unit of the Baihetan Hydropower Station in production, marking the 16 million -kilowatt water wheel generator sets of Baihetan Hydropower Station.

As of now, the operation of the operation has been running stable and excellent. The cumulative production of clean electricity has exceeded 26.5 billion kilowatt -hours, and the commissioning of subsequent crews is undergoing in an orderly manner.After the Baihetan Hydropower Station is fully completed and put into operation, it will become the world’s second largest hydropower station second only to the Three Gorges Power Station.At present, the water and electricity units built in the Yangtze River in the Yangtze River Group have reached 110 units. The world’s largest clean energy corridor is basically completed. The total installed capacity is 10,000 kilowatts, which is equivalent to the installation capacity of 3 Three Gorges Power Station.

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