Samsung TV helps low -carbon life to move towards sustainable future

The point MINILED of the point matrix technology can prevent halo and effectively extend the screen life, thereby reducing the production of waste. On the other hand, Samsung also actively uses environmental protection materials in the manufacturing of some components, strictly managed environmental sensitive substances, and minimizes the harm to the environment.

At the same time, Samsung also launched the RE+Program electronic waste collection plan, which aims to collect scrapped products and then recycle it with environmental protection methods. Every year Samsung uses about 30,000 tons of recycled plastics for product production. Among solar cell remote control products, environmentally friendly materials (PCM) recovered from waste plastics have been used. Reduce the generation of plastic waste.

Reduce the use of non -environmental materials such as ink.

Not only that, Samsung TV also removes all color stickers on the box. This measure can also reduce carbon emissions, which is about the effect of planting more than 10,000 pine trees a year. The light spot graphics design on the TV packaging allows consumers to easily build a TV packaging box creatively through simple user guides.

Whether it is a practical small bookshelf or a simple pet nest, it can be converted from a TV packaging.

This move can make the packaging box rejuvenate and become a practical home decoration.

, Tomorrow with consumers to be green, low -carbon.

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