The new commander of the Spanish is in office, can Wu Lei seize the opportunity to change?

With the new commander Martinez, Wu Lei still needs to prove his strength.

Picture/Xinhua News Agency Beijing News (Reporter Zhou Xiao) On May 31, Beijing time, the Spanish club announced that Diego Martinez was the new head coach of the team. Come to join the seventh coach after the "Parrot Corps". Due to the bad record in the second half of the league, the Spaniards announced on May 13, local time that the head coach Morino was out of class. At the same time, the sports director Rafite who left the club was also the change of the "parrot army".

Regarding the team’s handsome attribution, the Spanish media had predicted Martinez as the first choice at the time-the 41-year-old young man once led Granada into La Liga and led the team to the 2020-2021 season of the European Union The quarterfinals, just defeated Manchester United in the 1/4 final. On May 31, the Spaniards officially announced Martinez’s office.

In the just -concluded La Liga season, Wu Lei took the substitute for most of the time, with only 6 starts, 2 goals and 1 assist, and the lowest data were the lowest after staying in the world. At the same time, new opportunities have also appeared. The Chinese striker needs to fight for the trust of the coach with its own efforts and performance to change the situation in the team. School pairing Liu Jun.

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