73 schools in Hunan Province collaborate to create a community of psychological education for colleges and universities

Original title: 73 schools in our province to cooperate to create a community of psychological education for colleges and universities. Recently, Central South University, Changsha College, Hunan First Normal University, Hunan Vocational and Technical College Four School "Hunan Provincial Psychological Health Education Demonstration Center’s counterpart collaboration ceremony ceremony signing ceremony ceremony The Construction Exchange Conference was held at Central South University. "What we signed between us is not only an agreement, but also a affection and responsibility. Central South University will fully support the school’s psychological health education center to carry out counterpart cooperation to achieve resource sharing, complementary advantages, common promotion, common together Improve. "Li Jingsheng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Zhongnan University. At the end of last year, the counterpart collaboration work of the Mental Health Education Demonstration Center in our province was officially launched. Through the application and selection, the 20 demonstration centers such as Central South University and the 53 counterpart collaboration psychological health education institutions such as Hunan Information Vocational and Technical College were paired. The education work system, system specifications, education and teaching, activities, team building, quality supervision, crisis prevention and control and other fields are carried out in all directions to create a community of psychological health education in colleges and universities. "The counterpart collaboration project is like a charcoal in the snow, which can be said to be a timely rain in spring.

"Su Jiexie, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Hunan Information Vocational and Technical College, admits that the construction of the school’s mental health education center is relatively backward. It is expected that through the cooperation of this project, the school’s mental health work can make great progress in the work system, activities, and professional team improvement.

Liu Shuhua, Director of the Political and Political Department of the Provincial Department of Education, said that 73 counterpart collaboration universities will adhere to the principles of demonstration leadership, common development, and advancement, and promote the comprehensive, balanced and coordinated development of universities in our province through collaboration and co -construction. And bring new vitality and vitality to the psychological health education of all parties.

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