Accelerate the construction of a free trade port with Chinese characteristics (Xinzhi and Xinjue)

  The construction of a free trade port in Hainan is a major measure of reform and opening up that General Secretary Xi Jinping personally planned, deployed, and promoted himself.

A few days ago, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized in Hainan’s inspection: "Accelerate the construction of a free trade port with world influence, making Hainan a demonstration of China’s reform and opening up in the new era."

In recent years, Hainan has adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, conscientiously implemented the decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, carried forward the spirit of the Special Economic Zone of the Special Economic Zone that dares to try, dares to be first, and work hard. As a result, high -quality and high standards build the Hainan Free Trade Port, and strive to make Hainan a demonstration of China’s reform and opening up in the new era. Break the disadvantages of the system and mechanism, and continue to liberate and develop social productivity. Integrate the system and innovation in a prominent position, to meet the needs of the masses, society and market entities, focus on the top -level design of the system, break through the obstacles of institutional mechanisms, integrate advantageous resource elements, and implement systems of cross -domain, cross -industry, inter -departments, and regions. Sexuality, integrity, synergy reform and innovation.

Hainan has released 13 batches of 123 system innovation cases, comprehensively promoted the reform of "decentralization of management service", promoted minimalist approval in the park, and further optimized the business environment. It not only fully reflects the characteristics of Chinese characteristics, but also accelerates the integration of the international investment and trade rules. It has introduced many specific policies and for the freedom of trade, free and convenient investment, free and convenient cross -border capital flow, free convenience and convenience of personnel entry and exit, and freedom of transportation. Reform measures have initially formed an open policy and institutional system with global competitiveness. Build a modern economic system and optimize the industrial layout.

Make full use of policy advantages, integrate high -quality resources, uniformly plan industrial layout, actively attract investment, actively adjust the industrial structure, and accelerate the establishment of a modern industrial system supported by the tourism, modern service industry, high -tech industries and high -efficiency agriculture. Accelerate the cultivation of the three major future industries, which are mainly “land, sea and air” south, and aerospace, focusing on the development of modern service industries such as tourism, Internet, medical health, finance, and exhibitions, and accelerate service trade innovation and development.

Implement more open and convenient outlying islands tax -free shopping policies, and transform some consumption to foreign countries into domestic demand.

In 2021, the province’s outlying island tax -free shopping sales were 100 million yuan, an increase of 84%over the previous year. In 2021, Hainan’s annual import and export scale of cargo trade exceeded 100 billion yuan for the first time, and the amount of service trade imports and exports increased by%. Establishing and practicing the concept of green mountains and green mountains is the concept of Jinshan Yinshan, creating a first -class ecological environment.

Adhere to ecological priority, green development, build a first -class ecological environment, and ensure that the green mountains and blue sea and blue sky are left to future generations.

Promote the construction of the national ecological civilization pilot zone and the construction of clean energy island, implement a comprehensive "prohibited", and the prefabricated building area has doubled for three consecutive years. It has historically achieved the "zero landfill" of domestic garbage in the island. Essence

Implement the most stringent ecological environmental protection system, take the lead in establishing a modern ecological environment and resource protection and supervision system, and actively carry out pilots in the national park system. Adhere to the people -centered development thinking, and strive to ensure and improve people’s livelihood.

To build Hainan Free Trade Port, we must always adhere to the people -centered development ideas, focus on solving the practical interests that the people care about, and continue to promote social fairness and justice, so that the people of the general public shared the results of reform and development.

Hainan insisted on putting more than 75%of fiscal expenditure into the field of people’s livelihood, high -quality winning poverty alleviation, all 5 poverty -stricken counties took out their hats, 600 poor villages were ranked, and 650,000 poverty -stricken people were poverty alleviation. Anju -type commodity housing meets the needs of residents on the island and the introduction of talent housing; vigorously introduces talents, improves education and medical care, and basically realizes "good learning on the door" and "small illnesses do not enter the city, and they do not go out of the island." (The author is a special researcher at the Socialist Theoretical System Research Center of Hainan Province) (Editor: Zhao Xinyue, Yue Hongbin) Share more people see it.

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