“I desire you will do nothing of the kind,” said his father hastily.

“Why not?” asked Roland, in surprise.

“I don’t care to have it known that I ever heard of the man. Frank Dudley might write to Oliver what I have said, and then it would get to the ears of this man Bundy. I have nothing against him, remember. In fact I am grateful to him for taking the boy off my hands. If we are wise, we shall say nothing to separate them.”

“I see,” said Roland. “I guess you’re right, father. I’d like to tell Frank, but I won’t.”

“How strange things turn out in this world!” said Kenyon to himself, when Roland had left him. “Of all men in the world Oliver has drifted into the care of the man who hates 杭州丝袜足交 me most. It is fortunate that I have changed my name. He will never suspect that the step-father of the boy he is befriending is the 杭州桑拿按摩论坛 man he 杭州夜网验证 once knew as—Rupert Jones.”
M EANWHILE, in her Southern prison-house, Mrs. Kenyon languished in hopeless captivity. There was only one thing to add to her unhappiness, and that was supplied by the cruel ingenuity of her unprincipled husband.

Tell her [wrote Mr. Kenyon to Dr. Fox] that her son Oliver is dead. He has just died of typhoid fever, after a week’s illness. We did all we could to save him, but the disease obtained too great headway to be resisted, and he finally succumbed to it.

“If she’s not insane already that may make her so,” he said to himself cunningly. “I shall not tell even Dr. Fox that the story is false. If he believes it he will 杭州不正规的spa店 be the


more likely to persuade her of it.”

Dr. Fox did believe it. Had it been an invention he supposed Mr. Kenyon would have taken him 杭州龙凤夜生活 into his confidence. 杭州桑拿网站 So he made haste to impart the news to his patient. Essentially a coarse-minded man, he was not withheld, as many would have been, by a feeling of pity or consideration, but imparted it abruptly.

“I’ve got bad news for you, Mrs. Kenyon,” he said, entering the room where she was confined.

“What is it?” she asked quickly.

“Your son Oliver is dead!”

She uttered one cry of deep suffering, then fixed her eyes upon the doctor’s face.

“You say this to torment me,” she said. “It is not true.”

“On my honor, it is true,” he answered; and he believed what he said.

“When did you learn it? Tell me all you know, in Heaven’s name! Would you drive me mad?”

Dr. Fox shrugged his


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