“I have an idea that he has come to the end of his tether.”

“So have I,” she said. “And I told him so. But, Wilfred, tell me about my father?”

“He has gone back to Durban, as you know, to see the authorities about your disappearance. He thinks you have been taken prisoner by the Boers, and that you are at Pretoria by now. He is going to try and get you exchanged.”

“There is no need for that, thank God!” 杭州桑拿sn会所 said Brenda, cheerfully. “I must let him know at once.”

“That will be difficult unless you send a message from Ladysmith.”

“When do you think we shall be there?”

“If the luck holds


good, in a couple of days. We have 杭州足浴按摩上门服务 taken most of the Boer positions; now Warren intends to try for Spion Kop to-night. If he captures it, we shall hold the key to the Boer position.”

“Ah, you see Wilfred, your forebodings are all wrong.”

“We are yet in the wood, not out of it,” replied he, significantly. “However, I will give Buller and Warren all praise. They have done well. All the same, I still condemn this plan of campaign. Only a miracle can render it successful.”

“Well, we shall see what happens when Spion Kop is taken. Do try and look on the bright side of things, Wilfred.”

But the young man departed, still shaking his head. There was no 杭州丝袜会所门店 doubt that he was very depressing company. His face wore a look of settled gloom most painful to behold; and he was always prognosticating calamity in the face of the most promising operations. At the same time he 杭州洗浴中心推荐 invariably refrained from pessimism in his letters to his newspaper, which were usually cheerful and full of devoted praise of the behavior of both troops and officers.

It was anxious work waiting in the hospital while Harold was in the field. But Brenda had not much time for thought. She was nursing the wounded with all her heart and soul, and was an angel of light amongst the weary, wounded soldiers. The doctor called her his right hand, as well he might. She deprived herself of rest and food to be by her patients. Only when compelled to, 杭州油压毛推哪里好 did she lie down; and then it was in her clothes, ready to be up and doing at the call 杭州足浴油压论坛 of duty. Her best qualities came out in this most arduous work.

The grand attack on Spion Kop was to be made at night, in order to effect a surprise. All day long the operations went on in the field. Toward 杭州419交友群 sunset Harold’s company had to dislodge a number of Boers who had entrenched themselves on the slope of the mountain. The position was taken and the enemy fell back; but not without considerable loss of life on both sides. Amongst the wounded was Harold, who was shot through the lung. It was dark when the news was brought into the camp, and the ambulance bearers started under a rising moon for this miniature battlefield.

Quite unaware of her husband’s mishap, Brenda was busy attending a dying man. But he was beyond her aid, and died within a 杭州江干区夜网 very short time of his being brought in. She was closing his eyes with a sigh at the horrors 杭州龙凤论坛富阳 of war when one of the doctors told her that she was wanted. With a presentiment of bad news she went out and found Wilfred waiting to speak to her. He was greatly agitated and took her hand as if 杭州水疗会所排名 to give her courage.

“Brenda, I have bad news for you!”

“It is Harold!” she cried, pale to the lips.

“Yes, it is Harold. I have only just heard.”

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