“I 杭州洗浴按摩店 can’t undertake to manage two boys at a time,” said Mr. Kenyon decisively. 杭州龙凤阁6 “Roland will have to wait till the next time.”

“That’s queer,” thought Oliver, but he did not dwell too much on the thought. He was too well satisfied with having been the favored one, for this time at least.

Roland was not present when his father made this proposal, but he soon heard of it. His dissatisfaction may well be imagined. What! Was he, Mr. Kenyon’s own son, to be passed over in favor of Oliver? He became alarmed. Was he losing his old place, and was Oliver going to supplant him? To his mind Oliver had of late been treated altogether too well, and he did not like it.

He rushed into his father’s presence, his cheeks pale with anger.

“What is this I hear?” he burst out. “Are you going 杭州桑拿网vip账号密码 to take Oliver to New York, and


leave me at home?”

“Yes, Roland, 杭州桑拿经理电话 but――”

“Then it’s a mean shame. Anyone would think he was your son, and not 杭州桑拿一条龙服务 I.”

“You don’t understand, Roland. I have an object in view.”

“What is it?” asked Roland, his curiosity overcoming his anger.

“It will be better for you in the end, Roland. You don’t like Oliver, do you?”

“No. I hate him.”

“You wouldn’t mind if he didn’t come back, would you?”

“Is that what you mean, father?” asked Roland, pricking up his ears.

“Yes. I am going to place him in a cheap boarding-school where he will be ruled with a rod of iron. Of course Oliver doesn’t understand that. He thinks only that he is going to take a little trip to New York. Your presence would interfere with my plans, don’t you see?”

“That’s good,” chuckled Roland with malicious merriment. “Do they flog at the 杭州水磨多少钱


school he’s going to?”

“With great severity.”

“Ho! ho! He’ll get more 杭州洗浴哪家好 than he bargains for. I don’t mind staying at home now, father.”

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