“I don’t know but we shall have to,” said her father, “as, hereabouts, young ladies are expected to know 杭州丝袜会所干嘛的 something about books. But that reminds me I don’t know but I shall succeed in engaging a governess 杭州洗浴全套按摩 for you to-day.”


“A governess to-day!” exclaimed Bert, in dismay.

“Yes. I have made an appointment with a lady to call here at nine o’杭州足疗小巷在哪里 clock, and, if I am satisfied with her, I intend to engage her.”

“And if I am satisfied with her,” added Bert.

“Is that essential?” asked her father, smiling.

“Yes, for you know she will be with


me most of the time. If she is like Julia 杭州桑拿按摩全套爽记 Campbell’s governess, I sha’n’t like her.”

“Well, and what fault do you find with Julia Campbell’s governess?” asked Mr. Bowman, with more interest than his tone conveyed; for he knew that if Bert did not fancy her governess she would be a most incorrigible little rebel, and would be likely to profit very little by her instructions.

“Oh, she’s as disagreeable 杭州调情spa as she can be. In the first place, she’s an old maid,—not that that’s so very bad. In fact, I’ve about made up my mind to be an old maid myself.”


“Indeed!” said Mr. Bowman, amused. “May I inquire your reasons?”

“Too numerous 杭州高档点的洗浴中心to mention.”

“Perhaps one is, that you don’t expect to have any chance to change your name.”

“I have had a chance already,” said Bert, in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Had a chance already!” exclaimed her father, in amazement.

“Yes,” said the young lady of ten, “Charlie Morrill offered himself the other day, and I refused him.”

“What is the world coming to?” thought Mr. Bowman. “Why did you refuse him?”

“Because,” said Bert, soberly, “I 杭州水疗SPA don’t like the way he parts his hair. But as for Julia’s governess, I know she never had an offer. She’s as homely as—as—well, I don’t know who. Then she wears 杭州水疗爽记glasses, and has a nose ever so long, and a long face, and she never smiles, and she makes Julia study terrible hard.”

And Bert drew a long breath.

“Not a very charming picture, certainly,” said Mr. Bowman; “but I’ll promise you that,[131杭州水疗会所验证 ] if the lady who applies for the post of governess to-day should be anything like this, I won’t engage her.”

“That’s right, papa. When do you expect her?”

“Let me see. She was to be here at nine, and now it wants only ten minutes of that time.”

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