Frederick, who had by this time regained all his habitual composure, contemptuously shrugged his shoulders and replied with a sneer:

“This is rather melodramatic, Mr. Van der Beck. May I inquire how you propose to take your revenge? I can make some allowance for your feelings. I quite realize that the role of a betrayed husband has its drawbacks, but——”

“Silence! How dare you add insult to the bitter injury you have done to me. Have you no atom of feeling left? [Pg 153] When you think of the unhappy woman you have ruined—of the friend you have betrayed—dishonored—robbed—yes, robbed, not only of his wife, but of his fortune! Do you suppose that I shall allow you to escape unpunished?—you who have shattered my life and killed the woman I loved so passionately.”

With these words Mr. Van der Beck took a step toward Frederick and raised his hand in a threatening manner.

“Stay, you old fool! You do not know what you are talking about. You had best not tempt me too far. I 杭州足浴过夜 am not in a mood to be trifled with,” retorted the young man, defiantly.

“Neither am I!” exclaimed the infuriated Mr. Van der Beck. “You have in your possession still a part of my fortune. I will have you arrested as a robber and a thief if I do not kill you before then, as the destroyer of my happiness. But 杭州油压论坛吧 whatever happens you shall not escape me.”

Frederick uttered a short mocking laugh.

“I have followed you half 杭州洗浴那里好 across the world,” continued Mr. Van der Beck, “and I swear by Heaven that I will put a stop to your shameless career and hinder you from doing any further harm.”

The old man looked so awful in his anger that Frederick involuntarily recoiled. They were now standing on the edge of the path and within a few feet of the brink of the yawning abyss beneath him. Mr. Van der Beck violently grasped the young man by the shoulder, exclaiming:

“Come with me. It is of no use to resist. I am armed; and, though I am but a feeble old man compared to you, you will have to follow me.”

Saying this, he pulled a revolver from his breast-pocket and leveled it at Frederick’s breast.

A fiendish expression swept over the young man’s features. With one swift blow of his arm he dashed the weapon 杭州水磨地面from Mr. Van der Beck’s hand, and, seizing him in [Pg 154] his iron grasp, he pushed him toward the precipice. There was a short struggle, during which the moon was once again obscured by a fleecy cloud. Twice a cry for help rang through the still night air; twice the two men, struggling frantically, almost rolled together over the brink. But at last, putting forth all his strength, Frederick actually lifted his adversary by the waist from the ground and with one mighty effort hurled him into the surging waters below. There was a crash of falling stones, an agonized cry, which was heard even above the roar of the cataract, and a splash.

Then all was silent again.

In the woods an owl hooted twice dismally, and a dog in the distance uttered that peculiar howl which is only heard when the Angel of Death passes through the air.

When the 杭州桑拿推荐 moon shone forth again Frederick might have been seen picking up the revolver which had belonged to Mr. Van der Beck from the ground. After hesitating for a minute he flung it into the river. Then, having arranged as best he could the disorder of his dress occasioned by the struggle, he turned on his heels and walked back slowly to the hotel, muttering to himself as he went:

“It was his own fault. What need had he to cross my path? However, it is best so. Dead men tell no tales.”

When Frederick re-entered the billiard-room at the hotel his friends noticed that he was very pale. He called for a glass of brandy, and when it was brought drained it at one gulp.

“My dear boy,” exclaimed one of the young Englishmen, “what the duse is the matter with


you? Have you seen a ghost? How ill you look!”

“Oh, there is nothing much the matter with me,” replied Frederick. “I suppose I have caught a chill; it is fearfully damp about here.”

[Pg 15杭州男士养生会所口 5]

“You should have remained with us. We have had a stunning game.”

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