mountain peak (but not in Switzerland; somewhere nearer) looking at

the snow and thinking about me. Please be


thinking about me.
I’m quite 杭州水磨q微信 lonely and I want to be thought about. Oh, Daddy, I wish
I knew you! Then when we were unhappy we could cheer each other up.

I don’t think I can stand much more of Lock Willow. I’m thinking
of moving. 杭州水磨拉丝会所 Sallie is going to do settlement work in Boston
next winter. Don’t you think it would be nice for me to go with her,
then we could have a studio together? I would write while she
SETTLED and we could be together in the evenings. Evenings are
very long when there’s no one but 杭州丝袜按摩会所 the Semples and Carrie and Amasai
to talk to. I know in advance 杭州洗浴桑拿中心 that you won’t like my studio idea.
I can read your secretary’s letter now:

`Miss Jerusha Abbott.

`Mr. Smith prefers that you remain at Lock Willow.
`Yours truly,

I hate your secretary. I am certain that a man named Elmer H.
Griggs must be horrid. But truly, Daddy, I think I shall have to go
to Boston. I can’t stay here. If something doesn’t happen soon,
I shall throw myself 杭州油压打飞机 into the silo pit out of sheer desperation.

Mercy! but it’s hot. All the grass is 杭州足浴技师求职 burnt up and the brooks are
dry and the roads are dusty. It hasn’t rained for weeks and weeks.

This letter sounds as though I had hydrophobia, but I haven’t. I

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