“After this battle,We are completely convinced,All of us will follow you from now on!”

“So we42Home University Fund Concentration Group,Gather all the money,Hand over to Horizon Fund,And promise5Never divest during the year,how about it?”
“42Home University Fund,Total17One hundred million U.S. dollars?And promised not to divest within five years。”Qiao Tianyu smiled when he heard it。
“Sounds really tempting,Dude,What conditions do you have,Just speak straight。”
“Hehe,Joe is shrewd!”He Junliang scratched his head embarrassedly。
“Our condition is,Five years later,Brother Qiao wants to make up for us35One hundred million U.S. dollars,And with35Billion dollars as the base,Plus every year6%Return on investment,how about it?”
“Oh,I was waiting for me here!”Qiao Tianyu thought to himself。
It’s said that these fund managers’ calculations are really loud。
Their conditions,Isn’t it equivalent to let Qiao Tianyu take care of this18Billion dollar loss??
But although their proposal is not reliable,But the conditions they gave are quite attractive。
To know,For hedge funds,The most worrying thing is fear of stabbing investors in the back,Divestment at a critical time。
This is also the last moment of today,The most direct reason why the four major hedge funds ultimately fell short。
But these university funds can provide zero funds17Billion dollar stable investment,And promised not to divest within five years,This also completely dispelled the worry of stabbing in the back,It is indeed a beautiful thing。
For their proposal,Qiao Tianyu roughly calculated it in his mind。
investment17One hundred million U.S. dollars,Return after five years35One hundred million U.S. dollars,And every year6%Return on investment,Every year2.1One hundred million U.S. dollars。
Equivalent to17One hundred million U.S. dollars,Five years later it became45.5One hundred million U.S. dollars,The average annual rate of return is33.5%。
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