Since Nicholas·Malinkov has already spoken to this point,Chen Geng is not too much,He thought about it,Shen Sheng:“How about this,People from China Aviation Industry Import and Export Management Department will come to Turkey in a few days,I’ll talk to them then。”

“Thank you,”Nicholas·Marinkov stood up,Shook Chen Geng’s hand firmly:“Thank you。”
Jack·Welch moves quickly。
The Turkish side soon received an oral notification from the American negotiators,Indicates that there are different voices in the U.S.,Request for procurement of Turkey“the Avengers”Ground mobile low-altitude defense system requirements are reviewed。
The Turkish side suddenly became a little confused:what’s the situation?Why do Americans buy from Turkey“the Avengers”Air defense system requirements are reviewed?
It is really“the Avengers”The air defense system is not too sophisticated ground air defense system,With the Americans in the ground air defense system, Huadan:“patriot”Compared with ground air defense system,To“Stinger”The development of the shoulder-fired portable air defense missile system“the Avengers”The system is simply the difference between Daben and Alto,We didn’t think about buying Da Ben,But now you say Alto can’t?
But if we are not allowed to buy Alto,F-16How to say?compared to“the Avengers”Ground mobile air defense system,F-16This guy with thick eyebrows and big eyes is at least a Passat。
U.S. negotiator shrugged,A look of love can’t help:How do i know this?
at the same time,There was also a voice from the U.S. National Guard,Approval of the U.S. government’s procurement in TurkeyHMMWVMilitary vehicles express dissatisfaction:Our National Guard is still using backwardM115Jeep、No full faceliftHMMWVWhat,Why sellHMMWVGive tue?
Seriously, after first meeting the equipment needs of the various armed forces in the United States,To continue to sell。
The news was not informed by the US negotiators to Turkey and Egypt.,But the Turkish Embassy in the United States notified the Turkish government,Followed by the high-resolution fax of relevant reports faxed by the Turkish Embassy in the United States。
A series of bad news,The Turkish side suddenly panicked!
Dealing with Americans for a long time,Tuai already knows,This signal from the United States is not really not to sell these things to itself,It means that something happened in it that I don’t know。
of course,no matter howHMMWVMilitary vehicle or“the Avengers”Ground missile air defense system,In fact, it’s not that short for Tuye,But the problem is that the signal sent by the U.S. through this action made Turkey panic.:What happened to this??
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
Shocked,Chen Geng knows better,Details of this transaction,I really don’t know.。He nodded:“Quantity?how many?”

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