“Great elder,what happened?”

“do not know,I could still detect the breath of Xiaotianjian before,But now that breath is completely missing,The secret method in the city can’t be explored。”
The person next to me showed his doubts!
You must know that what the Great Elder has just displayed belongs to a separate connection with Xiaotianjian,That is to say unique,What can cut this connection?
This……Even if they cast the sword city on their own feet,Haven’t walked around the mainland for a long time,But it shouldn’t be so far behind.!
Could it be said that the mainland has been updated,Talented people?
Since except for the sword city,They have gained knowledge。
Mysterious and strange land Daxinganling,Suddenly powerful spirit beast mania,And the long-lost Dragon King appeared,The Xiaotian Sword that can’t even be traced by secret methods until now。
You must know that the sword was in this forest before,How could there be no response at such a close distance??
“What shall we do now?”
“Find!”The elder stood up while talking,“I can’t,As long as the sword is in it, it can still fly!”
No matter who took the Xiaotianjian,He will definitely get it back,This is not just the reason for making an oath to the lord,More importantly, the sword is too powerful,Staying outside will bring unnecessary blood and blood。
For the peace of Great China,Can’t let it fall into the hands of dangerous people。

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