This man,Don’t know if it’s bragging。but,Can come to the public market,At least the rich?Look at Xin Zhao’s face,Is also extraordinary,Rich or expensive。

For a time,Ge Tian dare not speak anymore。
He is the upper brain,But it doesn’t mean you have no brains,IQ is zero,Know that some people can’t offend。
Song Ying gave a new gift,As if to meet Xin Zhao again:“It turned out that Boss Zhao knew my father,Was rude just now。”
Xin Zhao laughed:“You are welcome,Your father and I have some business dealings。Let’s go!Go see the rough。My brother,Also very researched on gambling。”
At last,He did not forget to raise the value of Populus,Lest anyone look down on Populus,disregard。
however,Hu Yang is really worried about this,Look down on,You don’t expect everyone in the world to value you,That is impossible。Say again,People didn’t look down on you,It won’t do you any good or loss,Why bother?
Ge Tian subconsciously stands between Populus and Song Ying。
This little action,Populus in the eyes,Secretly think:This is the drama of pursuing a female boss?Want to marry a rich daughter?
“just in front,Number 80,I have studied,A piece of material that will definitely rise。”Ge Tian walks,Whispered to Song Ying。
in fact,He still doesn’t recommend,Let Xin Zhao and others follow,I just don’t dare to say it。
Someone who can drink tea with Song Dong,Definitely not poor。What they are looking for,Let the other party take it seriously,Don’t you build yourself a strong enemy??
Ge Tian can only curse secretly in his heart:woman,Sure enough, they are all big-chested animals,Winks so much,I didn’t even understand。
but,Good stupid woman。
He confessed,I like this woman,Looks pretty,Still the only daughter。Married her,Will be regarded as inheriting hundreds of millions of assets。
This is why,He has stayed at Song Jewelry。
period,It’s not that no other jewelry company wants to dig him away,The salary is better than Song。How to say,He is in the stone gambling world,Also famous,It’s normal to be dug。
Everyone walk over,I found that the No. 80 jade rough is also very popular,There are many optimistic people,It is estimated that the competition is not small,Want to win,It takes a bit of effort。

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