As the country becomes stronger,Rapid economic development,Tens of billions,Even large enterprises,As long as Lu Menglin can ensure that Menglin Group is always on the cusp,Embrace the pace of the times,This should be a logical thing。

Besides, Menglin Group already owns《Blood legend》This phenomenal online game,As long as it doesn’t die like Chen Tianjiao back then,Menglin Group will only grow stronger。
Wait for the time to come,Lu Menglin will be the first to deploy the mobile game market,Then take advantage of the wind,Help me up to the sky,With normal luck,Maybe there is nothing wrong with Tengxun and Tenghuateng。
In addition to the strong company,Lu Menglin also hopes that he can become strong,I’ve met such a strange person as Li Shixing,How can he be willing to be a mortal?
Learned from the Taoist Li Shixing《Zhen Wu Ju Li Jue》with《Turtle snake》,Is Lu Menglin’s extraordinary capital,And he is striding forward on this road。
Defeated Muay Thai King TonyFeng is just showing off,Lu Menglin’s heart has never been so firm,In addition to the strong capital,He also has individual strength。
at this time,There were a few minor noises outside the door,Someone knocked on the door。
Lu Menglin recovered from introspection,I thought Chen Jiannan should be here,Strode to the door。
Click!Lu Menglin opened the door of the room,The person in front of you,But he couldn’t help but froze a little。
A pretty beauty stood outside the door,Of course not Chen Jiannan,But the long-legged beauty Zhou Min。
It is clear,Zhou Min deliberately dressed up today,She is wearing a blue plaid miniskirt,Showing two long smooth legs,The clothes on the upper body are very close,I wore a small brown knitted jacket on my shoulders,Under the sexy shock,It also brings a little cute home style。
Lu Menglin really didn’t expect Zhou Min to come,And he is still shirtless upper body,Only wore a trousers,Pretty unsightly。
“You wait。I wear a dress。”Lu Menglin turned and ran,Rushed into the bedroom,Start to dress quickly。
Zhou Min smiled and opened the door,Sat on the sofa indifferently,Cocked beautiful legs,A very pleasant look。

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