In order to persuade each other,Qin Feng devalued himself to the point of being worthless。

“Humph,How could we be afraid when we are together。”Nikaidou raised his proud head,It’s as if their mountain gate is the world’s first。
“Then lead the way!”
Although Nikaidou seems unconvinced,,But it seems that Qin Feng was indeed caught“ring”。at least,He has become obediently walking ahead。
Qin Feng waved backwards,Su and Jiang Yan followed
Come up。
“Scared me,I thought I really wanted to divide life and death。”Jiang Yan exhaled heavily。
“be careful,This is the site of someone else’s house。”Qin Fengyan stopped,I still wanted to persuade the two girls to go back,But the words turn into reminders。
Okay,There were no accidents along the way,They just walked to the cave。
Qin Feng saw a few people who were almost dressed up as gangsters,It’s just that they are paying attention to Qin Feng and others,And no other reaction。
Didn’t go far,The old Taoist Qin Feng met yesterday finally appeared。
“what?You are here again?”The old way looks at Qin Feng,A little displeased on the face。After all, at this time, he would think that Qin Feng did not respect him,That’s why I didn’t say anything and I came up。
“Master,this.He’s here again。”
“Qin Feng meets seniors。”Qin Feng saluted directly after Nikaitang finished speaking,Because obviously this one is the one who is in charge。

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