“Of course I don’t care about your housework,It’s just that the people there may be from our union,Do you really want to be an enemy of our union?”

Everyone knows that the people there cannot be union members,But there is no evidence,So this kind of knowing can only be the default,It won’t stand up when placed on a table。
“Chairman Ma,You don’t go too far!”
“Do not,This is a matter of principle,hope you understand,If you really do,Even if my union is not an opponent,I can also pull out your two teeth!”
Of course old man Ma knows,Xia Chenglong’s life is a kind of restraint on the Tu family,It’s good for them。
Huang Lao stepped forward:“Yes indeed,Elder Tu,You should have confidence in your magic circle,After all, this has only passed two levels,Is it possible that he can really pass everything?”
“Great elder,Tu Bingxuan sent a message by special means,He is in the water!”Old Master Tu on the side said。
Tu Bingxuan in the ice formation?
Elder Tu’s mouth raised a smile,it is good,very good,So good for him to confront that person,Maybe you can keep it。
Tu Bingxuan,Maybe you can’t find this person’s information in many people’s minds,But in the eyes of the Tu family, that is their hope。
Everyone knows that the outstanding one among the younger generation of Tu Jia is Tu Tianba,But they knew that Tu Tianba couldn’t get the slightest advantage in front of Tu Bingxuan.。
It’s just that the other party has always been in the back mountain,very few people know,Even if I traveled a few years ago,He didn’t reveal a little bit of his identity as the Tujia。
So he is their pride,Even many elders of the older generation are not his opponents。
“Hahaha,God helps me Tujia!”
Old Man Ma and Old Huang took a look,I can only shake my head helplessly,They have no choice,So now I still have to rely on Xia Chenglong himself。

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