“Sent?”Hu Yang interrupted him。

The monk quickly changed:“Twenty thousand。”
The audience in the live broadcast room almost didn’t laugh,Can’t negotiate business?This is anxious?
“That’s impossible,two hundred。”Hu Yang won’t be polite to this monk,This bald head and big ears,Don’t know how rich,Go north and south,I’m afraid I made a lot of money?
The monk put his hands together immediately:“Amitabha!Buddha Lord will not agree。”
The hundreds of thousands of viewers in the live broadcast room rolled their eyes,Is this because the Lord Buddha did not agree,Or you don’t agree?Under the banner of the Lord Buddha all day,Swagger,Aren’t you afraid the Lord Buddha will kill you??
“Then ask the Buddha how much。”Populus casually。
I saw Brother Hu cooperate with this monk’s performance,The live room is very lively,All ridicule and laughter。
The monk really meditated for a while,It’s like consulting the Buddha’s price,Just opened my eyes:“Since it is a destined person,Just charge two thousand sesame oil money!”
“five hundred,Can’t be more。Honestly,I have never donated so much sesame oil money。”Hu Yang said。
If it weren’t for this wooden fish, it’s worth a bit,He doesn’t bother to talk with this bald head。
The fans in the live broadcast room secretly said:Have never donated so much money for sesame oil,But Brother Hu, did you donate less money??but,This is why everyone likes Brother Hu,Always spend money on meaningful things。

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