Zhu Guosheng looked at Xiang Chen,The tone of speech is profound。

“Do not talk nonsense,We fought to get married that time?”
Xiang Chen said nonchalantly:“It’s better to hit the sun,Today you two will be together!Who begs for mercy and who is the grandson!”
Talking,Xiang Chen will take Zhu Guosheng out,But obviously Zhu Guosheng didn’t have any extra feelings to mess with Xiangchen。
“Is it you??”
Throwing away Xiang Chen,Zhu Guosheng did not say angrily:“If it wasn’t for my daughter’s relationship with your daughter,You are already dead!”
“Don’t brag!If it wasn’t for your daughter’s relationship with my daughter,Do you think your family can stop now?You old and young,There is a chance to question me?”
Xiang Chen gave a cry,There is nothing in the tone of respecting the old and loving the young。
“Sudden changes in our home,Even if Director Han has made it clear that he will help,But i don’t think it is enough,I don’t know if Mr. Xiang can help my old man?”
Zhu Ruzhi speaks slowly,Let Xiang Chen’s moment become a facial expression pack。
“I’m here with you from the beginning?”
Xiang Chen looked at Zhu Ruzhi and Zhu Guosheng and asked。
“Didn’t you mean that my daughter has a good relationship with your daughter?!Now my daughter’s brother is killed,Shouldn’t you help?”
Zhu Guosheng did not admit,Did not deny。

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