Although he was blindfolded,But it’s like seeing the first opportunity,Forcibly brought the game into the attacking rhythm of Iori。

Cheng Long almost sprayed his blood on the console,The other party’s timing is too good, right?!Happens to be faster than myself,But he forced Kagura Chizuru to the corner。
This is an exercise that has gone through thousands of times,Every jump,Every leg out,All just right,Full of rhythm。
Kagura Chizuru was forced to defend,Dare not move。
Iori’s attack fell like a storm,Wave after wave,Like a storm,Rock through the sky,Playing Cheng Long was miserable,I only hate myself just now,Why not start in advance。
Seeing Kagura Chizuru being forced all the way to the corner,Gradually losing the rhythm,Thousands of spectators in the audience were so nervous that their hearts were about to beat their throats。
Some of them meditate in their hearts,Counterattack!Counterattack!Why not fight back?Obviously only one lift off can shoot down Iori,But Cheng Long’s Kagura Chizuru just doesn’t move。
however,More people are desperately cheering for Lu Menglin in their hearts,I wish Iori would just take Kagura Chizuru away directly.。
Cheng Long supported,But I haven’t played Thang Long。
Because he knew that Lu Menglin was blindfolded,The current attack is indeed sharp,But it’s probably just a routine operation from instinct,More muscle memory,Not a calculated attack,So Cheng Long dare not take risks,Because he firmly believes,The boy in front of you is too cunning,May be waiting for myself to reveal my flaws。
In case the dragon fails,I have no chance to stand up。
In a blink of an eye,Although Kagura Chizuru blocked all the attacks of Iori,But her blood volume is still suppressed to an extremely dangerous level,If you don’t fight back,May really be taken away by the extremely awkward set。
now,There is already a loud voice outside the court,All players who bet to buy Lu Menglin to win,All were so excited that they shouted together。
It’s not just the pleasure of winning,And the happiness of identification。They believe in Lu Menglin’s strength,Even blindfolded,Can also lead them to victory。
At this moment,The hell angel spokesperson sitting on the VIP table finally couldn’t sit still。
Lucas frowned,He couldn’t see where the reversal point of the game was。
If we continue according to the current situation,That Chinese is about to win!
wrong,Team Menglin is about to win!
How can you do this?That kid doesn’t seem to plan to leave Las Vegas alive!
Lucas has a gloomy face,Can’t help but shook his head,He hates the feeling of being out of control。

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