He still didn’t say the second half of the sentence,Just ask Master Wu Hao to hand over the Bairi Gate to himself,He wants to be this agent!

Everyone is smart,Actually, there are some words,Don’t need to be so clear,Enough。
This remark,The face of the wooden knife suddenly changed,Nervous face。
“Zhong Yeo,Do you dare to reveal the secret of the crystal mine!Aren’t you afraid that the Emperor Zun organizes you?”No one thought,at this time,Mo Wen on the side suddenly shouted out loudly。
Is it,What is the connection between Mo Wen and that mysterious organization??
Chapter one thousand and thirty Super defense
Seeing Mo Wen suddenly speak,And it’s still an aggressive attitude,All the people present have the illusion of shock。
All the time,Mo Wen is among the four masters of Bairimen,Are the ones with the least presence,He is like Long Zhanye and Zhong Yefu’s follower,A good hand at the rudder,He would actually stand up at this time to rebut Zhong Yeo,To prevent him from leaking the news about the veins,Really puzzling。
Obviously Zhong Yeo didn’t expect it,Mo Wen actually speaks for the mysterious organization named Emperor Zun。
but,Zhong Yefu didn’t rush,Just nodded slightly,Keep smiling:“Brother Mo Wen,What is your opinion?”
Mo Wen glanced at Wu Hao,Seeing each other and not having any mood swings,Can’t help laughing:“Zhong Yeo,Now that you have sold the news to the Emperor Zun organization,Shouldn’t sell three more,Otherwise, he will be retributed!”
“Oh?When did Brother Mo Wen become so honest and upright??Could it be that you have joined the Emperor Zun organization?This is to challenge Master Wu Hao?”Zhong Yefu asked rhetorically with a smile。
Mo Wen laughed,Refers to Lu Menglin with a smile:“Everyone,Do you really think he is invincible?Ask yourself,Are you willing to be controlled by him??”
This remark,Everyone was shocked,Have thought,Did this Mo Wen eat the gall of the bear heart and leopard??He stopped Zhong Yefu from telling the secret of the mineral vein.,He even dared to point the finger directly at Lord Wu Hao?
Doesn’t he know,My own life and death has long been controlled by others?Dare to say this,Why on earth?
Everyone couldn’t help but cast their gazes at Lord Wu Hao。

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