Tony was depressed enough,Now I see the picture sent by Shen Ziyao,Even vomiting blood。

Now he still doesn’t understand,The reason why the other party has so few points,It’s because she used the enhanced function with the privilege of the group owner before!
No wonder this prophet,From the zero order to the first order in just half a month,I regret it……
Wu Xing:Now I know why I say that your accomplishments are no worse than the children of luck, right。
Yun Yun:Thank you for your inform。
Wave wind water gate:Thank you for your advice,I didn’t expect the chat group to have such powerful functions。
Suddenly,Group members are grateful from the heart。
It turns out that what the lord of the group and the prophet said were not polite,All true。
Just look at the enhanced functions of chat groups,The son of luck beyond his own plane,It’s really not difficult。
Compare with Doudi,In the chat group rating, it is almost a level five rating,Just insist on signing in,Even if the talent is poor,Sooner or later I can reach that level。
not to mention,With the chat group upgrade,It’s not just group sign-in a way to earn points。
this moment,In the distant world,Yun Yun who was still under pressure,I feel completely relaxed……

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