So she three steps and two steps,Passing Lu Menglin’s side,Rushed to Dong Ge。

“Dongge!It’s really none of my business!I don’t know what method he used,Always win!I wanted to light him up,Don’t know.”
I didn’t wait for Zhao Lingshuang to finish hurriedly,The Dong Ge, who is known for his fierce reputation, showed an extremely embarrassing smile,Weird to the extreme。
At this moment,Among the two drinking tea,Someone laughed loudly:“Of course you can’t see!With Mr. Lu’s magical powers,Don’t say how many sizes,Even if we swept all the casinos in Myanmar, there is no problem!”
“Chen Songfeng meets with Mr. Lu!Please take a seat!”Talk about it,The man stood up,Bowing to Lu Menglin and saluting。
This old man pays off,All the people around bend down and bow their heads together,Unison:“Please take a seat!”
Lu Menglin is also welcome,Step forward,Sit on the middle of the four armchairs。
Chapter six hundred and forty two Devil marries
This seat,The honorable status of the host and guest is undoubtedly obvious。
And the other old man sitting and drinking tea,It was Liu Niu’er who came with Lu Menglin,He introduced with a smile:“Mr. Lu,This is my good friend,Also the ground snake in Myanmar,Just call him Xiao Chen。”
Obviously an old man with white beard and hair,But he was called Xiao Chen,And he didn’t care,Even the subordinates around you feel normal。
Because the person sitting here drinking tea is Liu Niu’er,Liu Niu’er, the warlord of the Golden Triangle。
If Chen Songfeng is not his friend,,I’m afraid I don’t even have the qualifications to invite him to drink tea。
And even a big figure like Liu Niuer,We must respect the young man who just came in,Lieutenant,Conceivable,How respected the identity of the other party。
These people worship,Zhao Lingshuang suddenly felt cold all over,She suddenly understood everything。
The Dong Brother who was so scared to death,Can only stand on the outermost side,Don’t even have the qualifications to sit down。
But Lu Menglin was held to the top,It shows that he is not afraid of the power of the casino at all,I’m afraid it’s about the same。
To know,This Myanmar casino has been in business for many years,Huge local power,No one dares to mess with,Already the most ferocious and evil group in northern Myanmar。

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