silver,The largest amount is fifty taels。

Ancient fifty taels,It’s different from the current fifty taels。and,Each dynasty will be slightly different。
“What a pity,These silver coins are not well-known in history。This kind of,How about giving me 25,000 per tablet?”Lao Sun pointed to the two large boxes of fifty taels of silver。
Whether it is copper coins,Or silver bullion,Its collection value is very different。
Some silver ingots are rare,As well preserved as this,Hundreds of thousands of ingots are not without。This batch of Hu Yang they got,Collection value is not very high。
in fact,Such a big ingot of silver,In ancient times, it was rarely available on the market,Are often kept in a treasure house。After all, no one would carry around two or three catties of silver,The most used,Still broken silver。
This price,Not much different from what Populus expected,So no bargaining,Nodded very simply,Means yes。
Only Xiaowen was shocked,These two boxes of silver are millions, right??
In this way,The total value of silver can exceed two million,Plus gold,Already tens of millions。Those pieces of jade and wood carvings haven’t been counted yet!
Except fifty two,There are twelve,And some broken silver。
Of course, broken silver cannot be treated as an antique,Even the old grandson is not interested。Hu Yang didn’t ask him to buy it all,The remaining broken silver,He plans to give Xiao Gao and them points。Can be sold,Save yourself and create some silver jewelry later,Hu Yang doesn’t worry about those things。
At last,Wen Wenhao and others found,The final valuation of these silvers is more than three million,It’s tripled than they thought at the beginning。
really,Still have to follow the antique method to make the most money。
that’s it,The value of gold and silver has reached more than 11 million,Each of them has millions of income。The happiest,Undoubtedly Xiao Gao and Xiao Wen。
Their couple,Equivalent to two,This is cheaper。To know,They were picked up for nothing。
Subsequently,Lao Sun looked at the five jade articles,And three wood carvings。Jadeware is familiar jade and white jade,Three are jade,Two pieces are Hetian white jade,The carver can’t be called a master,But not bad。
Wood carving is also the familiar boxwood carving。

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