Chen Wenjin sent Xiao Xiao home,Confirmed the condition of the motorcycle,Withdrew。

When Chen Wenjin drove out of the community,Saw a car,He remembers the license plate number,Met before、Xiao Xiao’s mother’s car。
The car window lowered,Rear window,A woman with similar features to Xiao Xiao waved at Chen Wenjin。
Chen Wenjin put down the car window,I guess Xiao Xiao’s mother guessed who he is because of the car and time.。
“Can the little brother borrow a fire??The cigarette lighter in the car is broken。”I don’t know if Xiao Xiao’s mother’s opening remarks,Or collect information,Or both。
Chen Wenjin thinks this opening remark is interesting,Xiao Xiao’s mother’s car didn’t mean to start,From the distance,He can’t pass the cigarette lighter directly,Got off,Since Xiao Xiao’s mother wants to see him,Then he can get off。So Chen Wenjin took the cigarette lighter and got out of the car,Say:“Sorry,I don’t smoke,No lighter。”
Xiao Xiao’s mother lit the cigarette with a cigarette lighter,Gasps,I glanced at Chen Wenjin’s car and said:“Do you live here too?Don’t seem to have seen it。”
“I don’t live here。”Chen Wenjin,Pointing to the railing,Pointed to the car again,Means blocking the gate,He’ll leave if it’s okay。
Xiao mother took a breath,Bright eyes,Looks very energetic,She stared at Chen Wenjin,Said something:“Blocking the door is not good,I encountered something recently,Always in a bad mood,Can’t find anyone to talk to,I don’t know why I feel destined when I look at you,I want to buy you two glasses of wine,Hope you can chat with me。”
“Sorry,I should go home,Goodbye。”Chen Wenjin opened the door and got on the bus,Xiao Xiao’s mother smiled and shook the cigarette lighter。“No more cigarette lighter?”
Chen Wenjin wants to laugh,Xiao Xiao’s mother is really good enough,If he agrees to drink two glasses,Then I was directly led to stare at Xiao Xiao with big eyes。
As for the cigarette lighter,Deliberately waited for him to get back in the car before calling,That’s not to let him go back to get things,Obviously, I tried to make him change his mind,During the period he didn’t get it back,He must continue the conversation with Xiao’s mother。
Then,He should eat routine,Pretend to be innocent and get out of the car to get a cigarette?
still is……
After Chen Wenjin briefly considered,The decision is still based on the original temperament,So I smiled and said:“Sent you,Hope for a touch of warmth between people,Can help you adjust your mood。”

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