“my life,It was your master who rescued it。So what your master said,I remember it all in my heart,Even always thinking of repaying。Recently he came to Zhongnanhai,Met us old guys。It means I want to help you Qin family reverse the case,Or in other words, to find out what happened that year!”

Qin Feng barely showed a black question mark face。Because that old guy has always cheated,This unreliable old guy actually came here in person for him?Qin Feng feels this is the funniest joke he has ever heard。
of course,It’s not that Jiang Min is irresponsible。But just a few times beforecāo)Make,They all came to the pit of Qin Feng,So it’s normal for the latter to have opinions on him。
“Maybe old Mr. Jiang Min planned everything。Until now,He just wants to help you?”The chief said with a smile。
“Ugh,whatever!So?”Qin Feng doesn’t want to pursue Jiang Min,He is more interested in,What will the chief executive do,Are you really attacking the five big families??Really do,State will move.Messy?
Although the stability of China nowadays is built on a way of covering up,But at least the people feel that they can live and work in peace,The national happiness index is still high!
“The falsehood on the surface is false after all!If there must be someone to break this one,Then why can’t it be me and you?”The chief said。
“Yo,We are all so great?”Qin Feng can’t laugh or cry.
“okay,Actually, I never thought about what you would do。After all, you don’t even want to be the head of the special forces。”
“Can you have?I haven’t seen any tone of voice used by representatives of other countries to speak to us。the most important is,The matter on Palace Master Dongfang hasn’t been settled yet,If I still carry the special forces,When the time comes, he threw me somewhere with a superior order.”
Qin Feng pretended to be pitiful before he was interrupted。
“okay,Palace Lord Yuan Zhendao has nothing to do with the spider。It’s just that he values power more。In fact, many people of this type in our senior management,So things like excluding dissidents often happen。It’s actually the same in all countries!Don’t worry about this,I greeted him,Should he not
Will take the initiative to trouble you。”
I heard from the Chief Executive,Qin Feng also remembered that Yuan Zhendao hadn’t heard anything for a long time.。
Do you really follow the advice of the chief executive??
Forget it,Qin Feng can’t do things like this。

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