This smile,Suddenly, Ba Shengrong was in full bloom,You Rongyan,The whole old face is cracked,Laughed like a pug。

“One leg left,You figure it out!”Lu Menglin said lightly。
Ba Shengrong nodded,Shouted:“Follow to the death!”
The voice has not fallen,Ba Shengrong hit his right leg with another punch。
Click!Broken leg,Blood splattered around the wrist,But Ba Shengrong is smiling,Smile very brightly,As if I have found the biggest backing in the world。
Lu Menglin looked at his smiling face,Suddenly there is an unspeakable disgust。
Good people don’t do,I want to be a dog!Longevity,Immortal,It’s really that important?
Lu Menglin endured the discomfort in his heart,Shen Sheng asked:“You betrayed your companion,Crippled limb,Just to take refuge in me,Do you think it’s worth it?”
“worth it!Certainly worth!grown ups,As long as the adults can give me a hundred years of life,Kill a few people,What’s the point of breaking a few legs!These injuries on the villain can be cured,It’s okay!
Since your lord is here,I must sneak into the sun,I will support the adults,Foolproof!No matter what the adults want,I can do my best!We have some power in the Yangjian,Can be used by adults!”
Ba Shengrong’s words have been very straightforward,For longevity,Be a rape,Not hesitate to betray the entire human race。
This selfish face,Make Lu Menglin feel disgusting to the extreme。
Lu Menglin finally couldn’t help it,Two steps forward,Sneered:“You are really so sure that I am from the underworld?And will definitely teach you?”

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