The troops of the Earth Alliance are on the outermost edge of the battlefield,They are responsible for checking those who enter the battlefield,If the strength is below 25,Not recommended to enter the war zone,Because this strength is not enough to cause even any threat to the weakest dragon archer in the dragon army,It will reduce the morale of the strong human race。

Nothing but,The strong human race who successively entered the fringe battlefield of the red zone,There are already nearly 10,000 people。
in other words,This tens of thousands of powerhouses,All are powerful fighters with 25th-level combat power,It’s equivalent to the standard of a strong fighter in the realm of martial arts。
If it was before the red fog era,,This is an incredible scene,There has never been such a powerful moment in human history。
It’s a pity that fate has given mankind too little time for development,If the enemy of mankind is not the terrifying dragon army,If the enemy is not too strong,Maybe another ten years,The evolutionary development process of human beings,It will be another scene。
now,Red Zone Battlefield Edge,Nearly 10,000 human race powerhouses from all over the world are all waiting,They are waiting for the appearance of the man who called them。
Everyone believes,He will come,Because he is the strongest among the human race!
In the phalanx of the Earth Alliance,Liu Yi, already a major general, holds a steel gun,Patiently wiping the tip of the gun,again and again。
By his side,Standing a heroic female officer,She looked ahead,like a statue,Like a beautiful statue,Strong men and soldiers passing by,Cast her curious eyes from time to time。
“You said,How will he appear?”The female officer has a calm smile on his face,As if asking casually。
That he mentioned in her mouth,Naturally it will be someone else,It can only be Lu Menglin。
Because she is Jiang Jinghong,Is the youngest lieutenant general in the Earth Alliance,And the only female lieutenant general。
She and Lu Menglin were childhood friends,The two have been with each other for a long time,Keep the friendship reached,The subtle state of lover dissatisfaction。
Until Lu Menglin had a girlfriend,And more than one time,Jiang Jinghong resolutely chose to leave silently,It’s not that she doesn’t love that guy,But she has her own life。
She would rather be alone,Gradually grow old with memories,Unwilling to share love with others,This is her attitude towards life,Also her pride。
But this does not prevent her from continuing to appreciate,Even adore that guy!
Jiang Jinghong had a superior birth,Has always belonged to the circle of superiors,However, she is very disgusted with the so-called escape plan of various governments and major forces,People should be born equal,Even if in fact they are not equal,But because humans have thoughts,With soul,With justice,It is different from the beasts。
and so,The guy proposed to close the space channel,Call on the strong human beings to fight back,She likes it in her heart。
anyway,Let’s talk after playing!This is his usual style。

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